Boys ‘N Love & Magic

This is a dangerous time to know magic.

That’s why Malia Toussaint’s grandfather has come up from the south, where he’s a “Hoodoo” man, famous for his powerful spells. Only Malia’s mind is on finding a new job for the summer. She just wants to be a regular girl, because life is confusing enough without adding magic to it. She’d be just as content to work for Impress, an upscale store at the local mall. As it is she’s stuck in a supermarket that’s going out of business. As Malia bides her time, trying to get enough experience as a cashier so that she can apply to Impress, the store’s customers and co-workers grow on her.

Though she still despises cleaning out the bottle return machine, she looks forward to talking to the coupon lady and the single father whose entrepreneur program is next door, the feline church ladies who come for steaks from the “last good butcher in the state” and the old man who hangs around doing odd jobs for tips, just because the store has heat and where he lives doesn’t. But mostly it’s because of the cute boys who work along side her. Since she’s the new girl of course they’re all trying to talk to her. All except one. He’s the boy who leaves the cash register anytime he feels like it, goes outside for a smoke and starts talking to himself. He’s barely said a word to her since she started there, but its okay. Because Malia has never met a boy who hasn’t fallen for her, especially since she’s a girl with something extra.




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