Jukebox Volume II


With the 60’s coming to a close, Simone Westwood Burr is a nineteen year old superstar dubbed the “Siren of Soul” with her funky, cutting edge music. Now married to the ultimate bad boy of Southern Rock, she tries to juggle a career and being a new mother, all while her troubled husband Johnny Burr deals with his inner demons.

Johnny has the swagger and sex appeal that could launch him straight to the top of the country charts, but an assailant from his past has triggered memories that put his career in jeopardy. Overseas, Eli Burr’s re-invented himself as an actor in several Italian Spaghetti westerns. Widening his female fan base, he plots his next career move and return to America. But his plan hinges on escaping a controlling director with a fetish for collecting pretty young things, like him. In a last ditch effort Eli must call in a favor from an old lover who’s now the head of a crime syndicate and none too pleased with having their former relationship revisited.

As Simone, Eli and Johnny face adulthood and the trappings of stardom, the 70’s prove to be just as challenging and as turbulent for them and their still segregated hometown. ©


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