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Sensual. Soaring. Breathtaking. From ballet lifts that require strength and control, to heart stopping jumps that defy gravity, the novel HUI (pronounced Hway) follows the love affair of two performers who not only push their bodies to the limit, but each other’s talent.

In the world of ballet, Le Jong Hui is a dancer famous for his passion and precision. Known worldwide simply as “Hui” he’s been called the heir apparent to the legendary Carlos Acosta. When Hui is paired with ingénue Imani Fairchild, their dancing not only ignites the stage, but it’s the start of a tumultuous, cross cultural love affair.

As Imani’s star begins to rise, she becomes a sought after guest soloist. But there’s resistance from an influential few who still expect ballerinas to match the look and physique of past greats. Hui also experiences the highs and lows of fame, even as he desperately searches for the mother he hasn’t seen since escaping North Korea.

When injury sidelines Hui, both dancers must face the realization that the profession they’ve chosen can be beautiful but also all too brief. Even as their love is tested, Hui and Imani learn an achingly harsh truth: that no matter what, the show must go on.


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