Before I Let Go


Also, the blurb/premise and the excerpt below were entered into Wattpad’s New Adult contest last year (Oct 2013) and this excerpt and blurb were also on Scribd (over 7 months ago):

Wattpad screen grab of Before I Let Go



Now, why am I having to list all this? Because I ran across a recent ebook release with an uncomfortably similar  . . . premise.  While the optimist in me wants to believe that this is all a coincidence, the skeptic in me doesn’t. So as I finish up my book and get it ready for release (Thank God I didn’t post the whole thing online, twists and all), I’m sharing part of my digital trail from LAST YEAR. And that’s all I’ll say about that 🙂



Twenty year old Skylar Torres is back home, trying to forget a volatile college romance and hoping to reconnect with her first love, Damon Salas.  Twenty three year old Damon doesn’t recall the road side bomb that ended his tour of duty in Iraq, leaving him unable to speak his thoughts as clearly as before. Struggling with his new normal, Damon’s determined to live life on his own terms, and that includes a future with Skylar. But Skylar’s dealing with a controlling ex, while questioning her decision to stay away from Damon, in order to keep them both alive.


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