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    The Power of Three

    This is my take on the dramatic “Power of Three” promos that are popular right now:



    The black witches I’ve created in their “Power of Three” pose. It also shows their different styles:

    From left to right: Elder witch Lilith, Pagan (middle) and Ondine (right). I’m not using the true title of the series, so I just used “witch” as a generic title.



    Lilith – all dolled up


    I create these promos as a way to advertise an ebook prior to its release:


    Pictured from left to right: Pagan, Lilith and Ondine. Three beautiful and beguiling black witches.


    The bat animation is from GIPHY.



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    Funny Lady

    There was a time when black comedians were the hottest ticket in town. A comedic renaissance bloomed in the 60s, where a variety of different funny men and women tickled the fancy of American audiences. Let’s see, there was George Kirby (Kirby was also a master vocal impersonator), Nipsey Russell, Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Pigmeat Markham, Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney (also wrote for several other comics, like Richard Pryor), Scoey Mitchell, among others.

    Female comics I recall watching on The Ed Sullivan Show included Totie Fields, Joan Rivers, Moms Mabley, Anne Meara, of Stiller and Meara (Ben Stiller’s mom), Phyllis Diller, and Carole Burnett.  And of course CBS had the number one female comedian, Lucille Ball (who had other sit-coms after I Love Lucy, which co-starred her then real life husband Desi Arnaz).

    I must also mention Jackie Gleason, Frank Gorshin (a wonderful impressionist) and especially the late, great George Carlin, talented funny men who were also popular back in the day.

    The Queen of Comedy is the tale of a fictional black comedian, from her youth in the 1920’s, until she’s older and recalls the highs and lows of her career. One such highlight is her time at The Moulin Rouge, a real establishment that broke barriers. I’ve included links on The Moulin Rouge that are below the GIF:

    It’s Her Time – The Queen of Comedy will be released shortly

    The Vegas Hotspot That Broke All the Rules

    America’s first interracial casino helped end segregation on the Strip and proved that the only color that mattered was green

    Smithsonian Magazine | Subscribe

     . . . Then came the Moulin Rouge, in 1955, a neon cathedral dedicated to the proposition that the only color that mattered in Vegas was green.

    Link: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-vegas-hotspot-that-broke-all-the-rules-165807434/

    Moulin Rouge showgirls_June 1955


    A copy of this mag can be purchased here: https://www.oldlifemagazines.com/june-20-1955-life-magazine.html


    Chorus girl from the Moulin Rouge in 1955
    Dancers from the Moulin Rouge during rehearsals in 1955


    Opening of the Moulin Rouge Interracial Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada June 1955 by vieilles_annonces

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    We Three Kings

    In between working my regular nine to five and fitting in some writing, I’ve created a few promos for some books that have already been released, and others that will soon be on sale:

    Biker boys Maddox, Aiden and Ke, members of The Suicide Kings.


    New Aiden and Aaliyah_Book of Aaliyah promo1 watermarked
    RUSH 2, The Book of Aaliyah. Click the pix for an excerpt


    Yasmin, the newest member of The Suicide Kings
    Yasmin, from RUSH XXX


    Top left – HEAVEN ebook. Top right, Yasmin from RUSH XXX. Middle panel left – Bree, from The Gorgeous Nothings. Aaliyah from RUSH. Nyesha from SENSEI, Bottom left panel, Emmanuel from TBA ebook. Imani from HUI, Kenya from IVY LEAGUE.


    Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the New Adult ebook The Saint of BOYStown
    Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the New Adult ebook The Saint of BOYStown. Click the GIF for an excerpt.


    Tanner playing with Nathalies hair from The Saint of BOYStown
    Tanner playing with Nathalie’s hair from The Saint of BOYStown. Click the pix for an excerpt.


    Twitter promo for The Queen of Comedy

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    Nigerian Girl

    Free extended excerpt promo of SENSEI coming shortly on Amazon!


    She will teach him how to love . . . He will teach her how to feel. Pictured: Nyesha and Takeshi, IR lovers from the erotic ebook SENSEI





    SENSEI Excerpt:


    Kabukichō 歌舞伎町


    Just north of Yasukuni-dori Avenue, Shibuya’s Kabukichō was a red light district made up of maze like streets crammed with all sorts of adult entertainment. Neon lit candy colored shop fronts beckoned like Venus Fly traps. There were any number of sex shops, massage parlors, host and hostess clubs, love hotels, and places to eat, sleep and shop. It was a seedy fantasy land with Lego like buildings stacked one on top of another, buildings that seemed to be there to simply house ads and jumbo-tron screens. Androgynous pretty boys and anime cartoon character females enticed visitors to come on in. Towering over it all was the iconic monster Godzilla, with his gleaming, demon orange eyes, illuminated talons and mouth widened in a fang filled roar. The streets were overcrowded, noisy and energized with gawkers and the adventurous. Every few steps a pushy Nigerian lad would try to get males to frequent his host club. This area was like home to Nyesha. It infused her with life and renewed her spirits. With so many attractions packed together the whole place was akin to being inside a life-sized pinball machine, where she was the ball.

    People got around on foot, scooters and bicycles. Many of the streets weren’t large enough for two cars, but there was always a stretch limo slowly cruising by. In the daytime Kabukichō was a dreary place, like a vampire confined to his coffin until the night sets him free. While police would sweep through the area in their black and red vests, the Yakuza ran Kabukichō.

    Ojiro Mori, aka Mr. O stood by his Ferrari 458 Speciale convertible, his eyes shielded by sunglasses, his skin reddened instead of tanned. In the passenger side of his white sports car was a stunning black girl wearing a floral headscarf. Nyesha guessed the girl’s age to be less than 21, but over 12.

    “Ojiro,” Nyesha said, one of the only people who dared to call him by his first name.

    Instead of speaking he simply nodded. The girl in the car caught his cue, lowering her head.

    Nyesha fought against feelings of revulsion and anger over the girl’s situation. What she couldn’t control were the images of the past that came roaring into her mind. “Kimochii” was a word she’d have to whisper in a childish, high pitched squeal to let the client know what he was doing felt good. Even when it didn’t.

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    The Rise of Black Cool and Black Glamour

    The beautiful woman with the hourglass figure gracing the cover of  author Nichelle Gainer’s book “Vintage Black Glamour” is actress/singer Eartha Kitt.

    Beautiful and talented, the late great Eartha Kitt



    So don’t let anyone tell you that black people didn’t have a middle class or wealth during segregation and during the swinging 60s, because there are a number of photos and writings that prove otherwise. From Madame C J Walker, to sports heroes, educators, inventors, businessmen and businesswomen and entertainers, African Americans resided in a variety of socio-economic lifestyles.

    We were, and still are, not a monolithic group. Whether through education or ambition, undeniable talent or heart stopping beauty, blacks back in the day became successful in spite of obstacles like inequality.


    The book Vintage Black Glamour can be purchased on Amazon


    Brief bio on Eartha Kitt from The Guardian.com:

    ” ‘Once called the “most exciting woman in the world” by Orson Welles, Kitt became a singer and dancer whose suggestive and sensuous performances captured the public imagination in the 1950s. Her former lover Charles Revson, the billionaire founder of Revlon cosmetics, even created a lipstick for her, calling it Fire and Ice. In the 1960s she made the role of Catwoman her own when she became the first black woman to achieve mainstream TV success in America with Batman, even breaking racial taboos by flirting on screen with Adam West in the lead role.’ ”  – Adam Luck

    Read more about Eartha Kitt here



    Additional examples of black cool and glamour:


    Popular band leader and singer Billy Eckstine
    Popular band leader and singer Billy Eckstine. Women swooned mightily over this man.



    Singer Della Reese


    Before Sidney, before Denzel, there was fine as hell James Edwards
    Before Sidney, before Denzel, there was fine as hell trailblazing actor James Edwards



    Boyishly handsome Sam Cooke
    Boyishly handsome Sam Cooke not only sang, but also wrote his biggest hit “A Change is Gonna Come.” Other songs by Cooke include “You Send Me” “Only Sixteen” and “Bring it on Home to Me” (Lou Rawls also sang on this hit).



    Lola Falana and Sammy Davis Jr
    Lola Falana and Sammy Davis Jr



    Can you name these famous black celebrities?




    Highlight the blanks for the answers: 1. Nat King Cole  2. The Nicholas Brothers   3. Josephine Baker

    4. Sammy Davis Jr   5. Dorothy Dandridge  6. Lena Horne

    7. Sidney Poitier


    Here’s my fictional glamorous heroine from the soon to be released The Queen of Comedy:

    Click the photo to read an excerpt from The Queen of Comedy


    Dinah Washington
    Dinah Washington was known as the Queen of Jazz and also the Queen of Jukeboxes



    Nina Simone
    Nina Simone. The Legend.


    Nancy Wilson
    Jazz artist and actress Nancy Wilson
    Abby Lincoln_singer and actress
    Abby Lincoln, Singer and Actress



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    Going back in order to go forward

    I’m busy working to get HUI and The Player released this weekend, as I try to figure out which novels will be part of MARCH MADNESS


    I’ve decided that after HUI is released, I’ll complete the next round of edits on books that need to go on sale.

    I haven’t forgotten about my book sequels. The excerpt for RUSH 2  will be up this weekend:


    Rush on Amazon
    RUSH: A Suicide Kings motorcycle gang novella, featuring Aiden and Aaliyah.
    New Cover for RUSH 2 small copy
    Aiden and Aaliyah’s story continues in RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah






    Ebooks related to this series :

      Click the image for an excerpt                                                                                    

    Anatomy of a Seduction ebook cover small size copy
    Anatomy of a Seduction is Rory’s tale. Rory is a character first introduced in RUSH
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor, Daniel Semboga, who was first introduced in RUSH




    Dane2a copy with watermark
    Unforgettable, a spin off novella from The RUSH: Suicide Kings Motorcycle Gang series















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    March Madness!!

    March Madness is back, and its not just on the basketball court.

    Stay tuned to this spot, where I’ll announce which books will be on sale this month.

    First though, let me thank all the readers who took the time to purchase and read AT LAST, the interracial love story of a paraplegic male and an older black female. In keeping with the theme of diversity, HUI, the interracial romance set in the world of ballet will be released shortly, as well as The Player.


    Hui GIF for March
    HUI (pronounced Hway) the interracial romance set in the world of ballet, between a black ballerina and a North Korean ballet dancer




    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback in the ebook The Player



    Already released:


    At Last Promo4a
    Ethan and Torii, from the ebook At Last



    “I could go down on you forever” –  Ethan, from the erotic romance At Last


    At Last Promo watermarked
    At Last – May/Dec erotic romance between a paraplegic male and a businesswoman


    ** Proceeds from my novels are used to purchase FILM Equipment. Now is the time for minority writers to become screenwriters, and to be the change we want to see. **

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    Stock up September!!

    Before September ends, pick up the **FREE** Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Book Sampler on Amazon starting Sunday, September 28th   Or Monday, Sept 29th, because it takes a bit longer for a book to go “live” on Amazon now. 

    I’ve been busy writing and honoring my promise to create more works with Asian, African, and First Nation lead characters.

    I’m calling this promo Stock up September, where expanded excerpts from many upcoming novels will be featured. Some examples:


    Gaijin promo2 small


    I did a couple of mock up promo posters using different effects.

    Gaijin promo2a small



    Gaijin promo1 copy2



    In the land of the rising sun a free woman is enslaved, until a Samurai pledges his sword . . . and his love 

    GAIJIN final2A cover



    I realize historicals may not be for everyone, so I’ve also got a few contemporary novels with diverse leading men that may appeal to readers. But I truly enjoy researching and writing historical novels for women.

    The Prince promo2 edited with watermark
    The Prince, a character featured prominently in the scifi time travel novel Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies which also features magicians of the 19th century. The Prince is from India.


    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy