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    So Thankful

    This is just a post giving thanks and also one of reflection.

    I’m so thankful that I got to spend time with my mom before she passed, and also how our family came together. I realize this is the next page in the chapter of life, where elder care and also helping those I love with disabilities will need more focus. I pray that I’m able to do even half of what my mom did.

    Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook Ride or Die
    Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook RUSH Ride or Die. Click the pic for an excerpt.


    Some of the spin-offs from the RUSH series are turning out to be novellas, while others have been moved up for ebook release. It all started with Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah and the outlaw biker Aiden:

    The RUSH series
    Top frame – RUSH, featuring biker Aiden and refugee Aaliyah. Bottom – RIDE or DIE featuring Maddox and Angel



    But why should guys have all the fun?

    Introducing Yasmin, a road warrior for the Suicide Kings





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    Little Big Men and Honoring the Past

    Little Big Men:

    Little Big Men copy
    Little Big Men about town: Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress



    Justin Ybarra and Suri copy copy
    Justin and Su Su, two characters of  African American and Burmese heritage who fall in love.


    I’m jumping back into the NA genre with a duology about a small town and the jocks at the center of a suspense filled love story.


     Honoring the Past:


    Reflection of Mariah copy watermarked
    Mariah Hawthorne sees a ghostly reflection in the erotic fantasy Long Ago and Far Away



    Victorian Era Mariah2 final version
    Mariah Hawthorne, circa 1880



    Original Photo of a black woman during the Victorian period:


    Victorian Era woman1
    Victorian Era African American woman



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    Sweet Fantasy and cover reveals

    Listening to: Sade’s Kiss of Life and Mariah Carey’s Sweet Fantasy. I loved the movie BELLE




    So I used the film as inspiration for a Gothic erotic romance that spans several time periods.   Excerpts from Ivy League and the dark fantasy Long Ago and Far Away will be up shortly.


    Ivy League new promo pic copy5A


    I really enjoy creating ebook covers by pairing interracial couples together.  I’ve got a number of new excerpts to put up,  but here are a few new things I’m working on. I’m still deciding whether to make certain books serials (release a few chapters at a time on Amazon) or complete novels.


    Long Ago and Far Away ebook cover watermarked
    A sweet, dark fantasy featuring African American witches, a reincarnation gone wrong and an enduring, timeless love



    Long Ago and Far Away Promo2 low res




    Lilith - When she's bad, she's very, very good.
    Lilith – When she’s bad, she’s very, very good.
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    Mystery Men

    This is a test GIF for one of the main male characters from FURIES and also NIGHTSTALKERS:



    Ash, a character from FURIES and also a member of the NIGHTSTALKERS



    Another test GIF for a NIGHTSTALKERS crew member:

    Ronin Bey, a Firedrake Warlock and member of the NIGHTSTALKERS




    New Nightstalkers promo small size




    Ethan quote copy
    Ethan Forché, from the interracial contemporary romance At Last



    New Torii and Ethan at a restaurant copy with effects copy
    Torii and Ethan, from the interracial romance that features a paraplegic male and older black female titled AT LAST


    This post is still being developed


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    Of Supernaturals and Sequels

    While I love contemporary romance, I also enjoy writing historicals and scifi. But I really enjoy putting romantic leads together and describing their journey to couplehood. With sequels it’s important (imho) to maintain the love affair but still tell an engrossing story. As I prepare to release Razher II among a few other sequels, I hope readers will enjoy the twists and turns I’ve taken with the characters and their various stories. I’ve added a short excerpt from The Player at the end of this post.

    I’m also introducing another continuing serial, one that deals with big cats and the fight between several royal houses to take the throne. I’ll have a GIF up shortly and also the first chapter. For new readers, please understand that I use my book covers as promotional materials. The same thing applies to the free excerpts on this site and the excerpts that have more chapters which are listed on Amazon as Sneak Peeks. These are just a few ways I’ve found that help readers discover WSC books. 

    Carnivore Feral

    I’ve added another character to the continuing college serial The Men of Hilton Hall. I’m introducing Rae in the next chapter of TMOHH that I will have up this week:


    The Men plus one lady


    Now for the new offerings. I’ve been working on my digital editing skills in order to have covers that are a bit more stylish as well as sexier:


    Higher Ed:

    Ivy League watermarked