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    Lee and Low New Visions Award for Authors of Color

    The deadline is quickly approaching for Lee and Low’s New Visions Award for Authors of Color

    Lee and Low Books_New Vision award




    1. The contest is open to writers of color who are residents of the United States, 18 years of age or older at the time of entry, and who have not previously had a middle grade or young adult novel published. 
    2. Writers who have published work in other venues such as children’s magazines or picture books, or adult fiction or nonfiction, are eligible. Only unagented manuscripts will be accepted.
    3. Work that has been published in its entirety in any format (including online and self publishing as well as other countries) is not eligible.
    4.  Manuscripts previously submitted for this award or to TU BOOKS will not be considered.

    Entrees are currently being accepted online.  The deadline is midnightOctober 31st.

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    A great big grateful THANK YOU!

    Thank you.

    After years of renting equipment, I’ve finally purchased two digital film cameras while doing tons of research on each manufacturer. With the proceeds from my ebooks I’ve been able to also equip each camera with accessories like filters, an external recording device (for footage backup) fast cards, batteries, rigging and lights, and most of all, the lens of my choice.

    Though I’ll be splitting my time getting the film company off the ground, I will always be grateful to everyone who helped make this possible. And since it all starts with the written word, my creative spark continues to begin with writing 🙂




                         Old Cover                                                                                                                                                                               New Cover 

    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy

    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies edited copy




                       Old Promo                                                                                                                                                                                                            New Promo

    Charlotte "Lottie" Rawlins and Genesis
    Charlotte “Lottie” Rawlins and Genesis

    Charlotte And Genesis watermarked copy copy




    More cover creations:


    The Valley of Ashes small copy
















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    Little Big Men and Honoring the Past

    Little Big Men:

    Little Big Men copy
    Little Big Men about town: Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress



    Justin Ybarra and Suri copy copy
    Justin and Su Su, two characters of  African American and Burmese heritage who fall in love.


    I’m jumping back into the NA genre with a duology about a small town and the jocks at the center of a suspense filled love story.


     Honoring the Past:


    Reflection of Mariah copy watermarked
    Mariah Hawthorne sees a ghostly reflection in the erotic fantasy Long Ago and Far Away



    Victorian Era Mariah2 final version
    Mariah Hawthorne, circa 1880



    Original Photo of a black woman during the Victorian period:


    Victorian Era woman1
    Victorian Era African American woman



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    Play on, Player

    Harlow and Kyle’s love story THE PLAYER is up for release along with another interracial romance titled HUI. I’d recreated several covers for The Player, and decided to use this one:



    The Player
    The Player



    Here are the other covers (I’m still planning on using them for promos):



    New Promo for The Player copy
    Kyle and Harlow from the interracial romance The Player.




    The Player resized promo
    Harlow and Kyle, the main couple in the interracial romance The Player




    This post is in development, but when I get the chance tonight I’ll post a riveting excerpt. There are two new couples who are introduced in this book. One couple’s story has already been released (Torii and Ethan from At Last)  The other couple is Adam and Eva. Adam is a Veterinarian, and Eva is a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all I’ll say for now.


    Adam and Eva1 cover glow added small size

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    It’s LIVE!!

    So the FREE Wikkid Sexy Cool Ebook Sampler is finally LIVE on

    Just click the photo to be re-directed:


    WSC ebook sampler small copy


    The Sampler is free from 9/30 10/1 and 10/2


    Rundown on which excerpts are included in this promotional ebook:
    Hui – Korean ballet dancer falls for African American Ballerina © 2014


    Promo for the book Hui resized2



    Ivy League – After a torrid affair in college, two wealthy and politically ambitious rivals connect again on Capitol Hill  © 2014




    RUSH: Rory and Roxie’s story
    (spin off novella from the RUSH series)  © 2014


    Rory and Roxie in a sequel to RUSH



    RUSH: Unforgettable (spin off novella from the RUSH series) © 2014


    Dane2a copy with watermark
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    Plan B

    Hmmm . . . it was faster to file a copyright and upload my Sampler on Scribd than

    So, I’ve gotta go with Plan B. Click the cover and you’ll be re-directed to SCRIBD:  **Update**  Since its now live on Amazon I’ve taken it off Scribd in accordance with Amazon’s terms of service. Click the cover and it re-directs to the Amazon page:

    WSC ebook sampler small copy



    A FREE PDF download is available for a limited time on SCRIBD. Just click the little “Share on social networks icon” to the right of the page:

    download icon on Scribd


    **UPDATE** So the book is live on Amazon but the wait continues, because the nearest date to list it as free is tomorrow, Sept 30th. 

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    Money, honey

    A first look at the cover and a hint about the story line for RUSH 2 The Book of Aaliyah:


    New Cover for RUSH 2A small copy


    I have always been under the control and care of men. In the beginning of my life I followed orders because it was expected and I had no choice. But I am in America now. Here, I have chosen a different path  – Aaliyah, from RUSH 2, The Book of Aaliyah


    Okay, so I figured since I was already in Washington, DC with this new ebook about the elite on Capitol Hill:






    I might as well do a spin off novella about another beautiful, brainy and wealthy woman who’s featured in Ivy League:


    The Harder They Fall small copy



    Photo of Washington, DC by night courtesy of David ILiff

    URL Link:


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    Stock up September!!

    Before September ends, pick up the **FREE** Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Book Sampler on Amazon starting Sunday, September 28th   Or Monday, Sept 29th, because it takes a bit longer for a book to go “live” on Amazon now. 

    I’ve been busy writing and honoring my promise to create more works with Asian, African, and First Nation lead characters.

    I’m calling this promo Stock up September, where expanded excerpts from many upcoming novels will be featured. Some examples:


    Gaijin promo2 small


    I did a couple of mock up promo posters using different effects.

    Gaijin promo2a small



    Gaijin promo1 copy2



    In the land of the rising sun a free woman is enslaved, until a Samurai pledges his sword . . . and his love 

    GAIJIN final2A cover



    I realize historicals may not be for everyone, so I’ve also got a few contemporary novels with diverse leading men that may appeal to readers. But I truly enjoy researching and writing historical novels for women.

    The Prince promo2 edited with watermark
    The Prince, a character featured prominently in the scifi time travel novel Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies which also features magicians of the 19th century. The Prince is from India.


    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy