A month too late

I just found out about this contest, unfortunately after the deadline.

Lee and Low Books New Voices Award

Lee and Low Books New Voices Award



So I was curious to see if they accepted submissions, and yippee! They do.

Submission Guidelines

TU BOOKS, an imprint of LEE & LOW BOOKS, publishes speculative fiction for children and young adults featuring diverse characters and settings. Our focus is on well-told, exciting, adventurous fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novels featuring people of color set in worlds inspired by non-Western folklore or culture.

We are looking specifically for stories for both middle grade (ages 8-12) and young adult (ages 12-18) readers. (We are not looking for picture books, chapter books, or short stories at this time. Please do not send submissions in these formats.)

Manuscript Submissions:


  • Manuscripts should be typed doubled-spaced.
  • Manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter
  • that includes a brief biography of the author, including publishing history. The letter should also state if the manuscript is a simultaneous or an exclusive submission.
    • Please include a synopsis and first three chapters of the novel. Do not send the complete manuscript.
    • We’re looking for middle grade (ages 8-12) and young adult (ages 12 and up) books. We are not looking for chapter books (ages 6 to 9) at this time.
    • Be sure to include full contact information on the cover letter and first page of the manuscript. Page numbers and your last name/title of the book should appear on subsequent pages.

    Only submissions sent through regular post will be considered. We cannot accept submissions through email or fax.

    We will respond to a submission only if we are interested in the manuscript. We are not able to return manuscripts or give a personal response to each submission, so please do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope or a delivery confirmation postcard, or call or email about the status of your submission. If you do not hear from us within six months, you may assume that your work does not fit our needs.

    PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: Submissions Editor, Tu Books, 95 Madison Avenue, Suite 1205, New York, NY 10016. If you require confirmation of delivery, please send the submission with a U.S. Postal Service Return Receipt.


So if you write fantasy and have a minority protag, you may want to check this publisher out.

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