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    My Chérie Amour

    Big man, big love.

    Promos below are from the mini graphic novels that will promote the ebooks for these love stories:


    NCAA Basketball players Rhea Chappelle and Yul Sukari



    NCAA Basketball star Yul Sukari, an Indonesian American leading man.



    The New Adult Romance of Thai American Rikh ki Khumpai and African American Lolo Benoit.



    El and Christian, from my upcoming ebook Sex and the Single Paraplegic



    Three faces of the Gargoyle Karnage Xi’an



    The Gargoyle Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan



    Main men: Karnage the Gargoyle, Yuri the Vampire, Ronin the Warlock, Khosi the Vampire



    Karnage and Pagan



    The witch Lilith


    Andre “Dre” Santana, Werewolf



    Pictured: The witch Ondine and the warlock Ronin