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The Wheel of Fine

The Wheel of Time is also The Wheel of Fine imho, due to the diversity of the main characters and attractiveness of its cast:



The Wheel of Time promo from Amazon


“I think all the characters in soul and personality are very true to the books. That’s the thing that Rafe has accomplished” – Brandon Sanderson

al’ Lan Mandragoran by Freelance Irish artist KarrahE. Daniel Henney plays Lan on the show.


Lan and Nynaeve. YES!!!! Zoë Robins portrays Nynaeve and Daniel Henney is Lan.

Season One is on Amazon Prime now. 




The African Witch Lilith aka AFE


Pagan the Witch


The fire and brimstone witch Ondine



The Gargoyle Karnage


Pictured: The Witch Pagan and Karnage – pic is from the graphic novel promo for the upcoming ebook


Irina, the vampire bodyguard for Yuri.

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