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    Magic and Mayhem GIFS

    Three Women. Three Witches with three different tales on life as a supernatural.

    Their stories are coming soon. 


    Pictured: The black witch LILITH

    Lilith is from West Africa. I didn’t create the animated flying birds. Attribution for that GIF is Mr.EvilBoy (name is also in the bottom left corner of this combined GIF). Lilith’s face in this promo is inspired by the beautiful Ethiopian model Senait Gidey.


    The Witch Lilith


    The Vampire YURI, who is Lilith’s lover.



    The Red Witch of Sorrow, Ondine Saint Gauthier


    Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey, love interest of the witch Ondine


    Pictured: Warlock Ronin Bey



    Hispanic Werewolf Andre “Dre” Santana



    Witches Pagan and Ondine



    Pictured: Werewolf Dre Santana, Warlock Ronin Bey, Gargoyle Karnage Xian


    Pictured: The Witch Pagan breaking a mirror


    Karnage Xian, Gargoyle Crown Prince and Pagan’s lover.


    Pagan channels Lightning


  • #BlackGirlMagic,  Adult Fantasy,  Adult Novella,  Adult Novellas,  Contemporary Romance,  E books,  IR erotic romance,  Paranormal romance

    Writing, Reading, Editing and more Editing

    YES, I have new books coming out. 

    Thank you readers, for your patience. 


    Pictured: The witch Pagan and her Gargoyle lover Karnage Xian



    Pictured: Lovers Karnage and Pagan


    Pictured: Vampyres Khosi, Yuri and Irina



    Pictured: West African Witch Lilith and her champion, the Vampyre Yuri


    This stunning background illustration was created by Dietrich01 from PIXABAY.COM


    Title: Magician by Dieterich01 (username on Pixabay). His full name is Lothar Dieterich

    Link to pic: https://pixabay.com/photos/magician-forest-wolf-fantasy-mood-3047235/


    Link to Lothar Dieterich’s PIXABAY page with more of his work: 




    Lilith wears custom Schiaparelli fw21 couture



    Promo for Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey. Ronin is in love with the witch Ondine.


    Pictured: New Orleans Witch Ondine and Ronin Bey




    Pictured: Yul Sukari hugging Rhea Chappelle



    Promo for Yul Sukari, NCAA basketball player



    Yul Sukari and girlfriend Rhea Chappelle