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The Graphic Novel Treatment

First thing – The Boys are back! This is a scifi anti-Superhero show on Amazon Prime Video featuring three of my favorite actors, Karl Urban, Laz Alonzo and Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito


The Boys promo I edited (Yes I did, cuz there’s no way Laz Alonzo’s fine ass face should’ve been as small as it was in the original. I enlarged/edited Jessie Usher and Karen Fukuhara’s pics also 🙂


Here’s the original:

The Boys Original Promo


The Boys are based on a popular graphic novel of the same name.

Since I create ebook promos, I decided to give my trio of witches Lilith, Ondine and Pagan the graphic novel treatment. Here’s a sneak peek at Pagan’s comix:


The witch Pagan makes magic. Also pictured: Gargoyle crown prince Karnage Xian


The Graphic Novel Treatment for Pagan and Karnage (with a cameo by the werewolf Dre Santana). Low resolution version.

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