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WNBA Finals and Park Hyo-shin can SANGGG


Tonight’s the night! Game five of the WNBA finals 

Jonquel Jones for the Connecticut Sun . . . Elena Delle Donne for the Washington Mystics. 

The teams are tied 2-2.  I like both teams, so I’ll be rooting for each.





Park Hyo-shin can SANGGGG.

Love me some Luther Vandross! Luther’s version of Superstar is classic, and imho Park Hyo-shin does Luther proud.

Here’s audio of Luther (courtesy of Stankfunkmusic74) singing Superstar live and riffing:




Coming soon, Warlock Ronin Bey:


Ronin is in love with the Witch Queen Ondine St. Gauthier



Chinese Gargoyle Karnage Xian:

Karnage Xian, Gargoyle Prince



Karnage Xian


Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan




I didn’t forget about Vamps:



Vampire warrior YURI



Older witch, younger vampire. Lilith and Yuri


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