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Black Witches

UPDATE – Family comes first, so I had to step away from writing in order to help out.

I hope to get back on track with book releases. My sincere apologies for the delay.


Here’s a blast from the past:



On the cover of Nino Ferrer’s 1974 album Nino and Radiah, beautiful American model/actress/singer Radiah Frye, (wiki bio is in French, view on Google to translate into English). A jazzy soul song from this album can heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s0-tbR-nzs

Radiah Frye’s daughter is choreographer Mia Frye.


Pictured: Yohan Sukari, whose family is from Southeast Asia (Indonesia) falls hard for fellow basketball player Rhea Chappelle, in the New Adult erotic romance One on One.


NCAA star Yohan Sukari meets his match in Rhea Chappelle, from the novel One on One




Kinda, sorta cover reveal:

Pictured: black witches PAGAN, LILITH and ONDINE


The promo above is a mock up cover from my upcoming black witch series, though the title will be different.


Elder witch Lilith and her younger vampire lover, Yuri


Lilith and Yuri Romance GIF



石像鬼 is Gargoyle in Chinese.
Pictured: Chinese Gargoyle Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan


Pictured: The witch Pagan and her Gargoyle love, Karnage.


Karnage Xian – low resolution pic




The witch Ondine and her soulmate, the warlock Ronin circa 1850s



Ronin Bey collage


Chic witch Ondine, in the present day



Ronin Bey fire promo

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