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One on One excerpt:

Rhea had already decided that a quick hug would be appropriate for his chivalry. Lean in, squeeze and separate. Only she hadn’t figured on Yohan catching hold of her hand. He held it a beat too long while stepping backwards, as he if wanted to pull her to him. That moment in time, a sort of shy indecision made her words pour out. “You-you . . . I mean, I’ve got some strawberry wine coolers upstairs and-and video games. We could play Fortnite if you want.”

His brows rose and quickly lowered at her offer. Fuck playing Fortnite©



Pictured: Yohan Sukari and Rhea Chappelle, from the erotic New Adult ebook One on One



Tenifah “Teenie” Ibekwe is on defense while point guard Mercedes Abreu dribbles in One on One



Teenie Ibekwe makes a shot in the ebook One on One


Rhea goes bonkers over Yohan – low resolution promo pic


One on One excerpt:

Yohan Sukari was in her dorm room. Spooning her. Spooning. Her.

His left arm was leisurely thrown over Rhea’s shoulder, while the other was burrowed deep under the covers, elevating her right thigh so that it didn’t touch the floor. There was also the delicious way his long fingers were swirling around her new growth of pubic hair.
The feeling wasn’t unwelcome, it was just that this was all so new.
Like the way his breath caressed the back of her neck. Slow, steady and warm. ©


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