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A Chinese Paranormal Hunk

His name is Karnage Xian, brother of cutie-pie Havoc Xian (from the previously released ebook RAZHER):

Gargoyle and his castle. Karnage Xian in full hard body Gargoyle mode


Karnage Xian, the lover



Karnage is next in line to be King of the Gargoyles, unless one of  his younger brothers is victorious in challenging him.


Xian brothers, far left: Chaos the scholar, Havoc the youngest, Rampage “Ram” far right. Karnage, the future king and oldest, large photo.


Karnage is also part of the Nightstalkers:

Pictured: Firedrake Ronin Bey, Hellraiser Ash, Werewolf Andre Santana, Gargoyle Karnage Xian. Werewolf art by Rhabwar Troll Stock.  Used by permission.



Pictured: Karnage, Pagan the witch and Maxxim the vampire

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