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Bisexual, Bipartisan and Black

Divided by politics . . . united by love.

Pictured: Conservative Brandon Wingate and Democrat Kenya Paul, from the interracial erotic romance IVY League


The relationship between Congressman Brandon Jefferson Wingate and activist Kenya Paul, is, for lack of a better word, complicated. They’re two people from different worlds with clashing ideologies. Even the things they do have in common, like being the children of wealthy parents is cause for debate. **I had to change a few things about the story, since Hillary didn’t win 🙁 Sorry for the delay.**


Pictured: Kenya Paul and Brandon Wingate. Low resolution promo pic
Pictured: Kenya Paul and Brandon Wingate. Low resolution promo pic for IVY League



Brandon and Kenya lying down
Pictured: Kenya Paul and Brandon Wingate. Low resolution promo pic




“Hey, how are you?” Brandon’s voice was friendly and upbeat.

Kenya’s reply was cold. “What do you want?”

“I-I thought we could get together.”


“I miss you. I-”

Kenya hung up, turning her phone off in case he called back. As she walked up the stairway to get to her dorm room, girlish laughter and wall thuds greeted her ears. Mo and two other girls were coming down the hall, heading her way. Kenya put a practiced smile on her face. One girl draped a possessive arm over Mo’s shoulders before they all met.

Kenya spoke first. “Hey Mo.” Since she didn’t know the names of the other girls, she just said, “Hey.”

Mo’s face had turned bright pink. Instead of meeting Kenya’s eyes, she mumbled out a greeting.

“You’re Kenya, right? The old girlfriend?” A long, slender hand reached over to shake hers. “I’m Taviah, the new girlfriend.”

Kenya shook Taviah’s’s hand, refusing to get pulled into a battle of words. Feeling mixed emotions, she waited for Mo to acknowledge her, to morph into the girl she knew and the girl she fell for. All she heard were crickets, because Mo’s face was stoic once she raised her head.

The other girl who said her name was Nash, added, “We were just fooling around, just practicing some soccer moves.”

Kenya pretended not to know what she meant, but yeah, she’d seen Mo being shoved into the wall and retaliating with a shove of her own on Nash. “You’re on the soccer team?”

“Yep. Been on it since school started.”

Righttttt. She would’ve known that if she’d spent enough time doing the things Mo enjoyed. “Are you two underclassmen? I’m only asking because I’m the senior class president and I know just about all the upperclassmen.”

Taviah piped up with, “We were just going to get something to eat.”

“Don’t let me hold you ladies up. Have a good time.”

That should’ve been the end of it, but Kenya could hear the back ‘n forth behind her as she approached her room.

“Yeah, since everyone’s a lesbian here, I guess she wouldn’t want to hang.” Taviah cracked. “Ooh, I’m the senior class president. So? I hate fake bitches, and she’s as fake as they come.”


~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~

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