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    Back Among the Living

    I hate getting sick. For the past two years bronchitis has kicked my ass and then some.

    I’ve got a lot of  catching up to do, so my apologies for the delays. Time to get back to work.


    Pictured: Nyesha and Takeshi, from the erotic IR romance SENSEI


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    His eyes darted from hers. “You are a woman who knows about men. Is this not so?”

    “Er . . . yes, it is.”

    “I want to know, I need to learn about women. How to-how to make them happy.  How to pleasure them.”

    She sat down on a white leather lounger that was so buttery soft her rear end bobbed in delight. Oh yes, she could get used to this. No more sleeping or walking across a cold floor, not when he’d revealed that all the floors were electronically heated. Her smile radiated warmth at the thought. “Okay, what are you into?”

    Takeshi cocked his head. “What into?”

    “What do you like, what do you fantasize about, what would you like to do to me right now?”

    He seemed to be taken aback at her directness. After an excruciatingly long silence, he blurted, “To have you pose, like in art class. I-I would like to draw you without your clothes on.”

    Her face registered a whole lot of Really? Really dude? That’s what you wanna do? Draw me instead of fuck me? Nyesha sighed as she stood up, inwardly vowing that no matter what, his lounger would be leaving with her after all this was over. “Will you unzip me?”

    He snapped to attention, quickly coming to her aid as she turned around. The zipper came down slowly, the air cool on her back as more of her skin was exposed. With a flick of her hand one shoulder was freed, then the other until the dress slithered down her waist. Before he could step back, in a husky voice she ordered him to touch her breasts. “Go ahead and feel them. It’s something that turns most women on.”