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March Madness pick

I’m putting up a Sneak Peek of The Saint of BOYStown on

In 2015 I put up excerpts on this site and Scribd. What I didn’t do is release it. But I’ve got a digital trail dating back two years.

The lead character is a teen female and bi-racial, looks more like the African American side of her family, her brother is in a coma due to a car accident, and she’s slowly falling for her brother’s friend. Oh, and she’s really grieving because she’s having a hard time dealing with what her brother, who was treated like an idol at her school, has done.

Somehow I managed to hit on all of the above in the first chapter.

I say all this, because I’ve decided to make The Saint of BOYStown one of my March Madness picks.

The Sneak Peek is free for 5 days, starting tomorrow or basically, when it finishes publishing on Amazon.   IT’S LIVE! 

Or you can click any of three images below and read the same excerpt via Scribd:


The SAINT of BOYStown small copy1Aa


The Saint of BOYStown promo copy copy


Little Big Men copy
Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress, the three princes who are adored, in my New Adult BOYStown series


The next book in this series features Justin Ybarra:

The PRINCE of BOYStown small copy

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