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All the Fine Young Cannibals

I’m ready to start marketing upcoming releases, so this weekend I’ll have a number of FREE extended chapter excerpts on Amazon and SCRIBD. I use excerpts as promotional tools for my books.

The other reason I use Sneak Peeks (especially on Amazon) is because periodically, the company changes it algorithms. If you are a new writer its important to be aware of this.  Here are two recent articles on the subject (be sure to read the comments section also):




I’ve had some plot details to iron out (I mean, who could’ve predicted the rise of Donald Trump?), but I plan on releasing extended SNEAK PEEKS for:


Kenya Paul and Brandon Jefferson Wingate take on Capitol Hill as a couple


Bisexual LGBTQ activist Kenya Paul falls for conservative Brandon J. Wingate




Promos from IVY LEAGUE




Click the photo to read an excerpt of the erotic romance SENSEI



New Adult erotic romance SNEAK PEEK will also be up:



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