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I remember spotting Terence Howard, Oscar Isaacs and Idris Elba early in their careers, and having a strong sense that all three possessed star quality.

Here are four more potential stars imho, who’ve got the talent, looks, and charisma to succeed in the entertainment business:

Aldis Hodge:


Aldis Hodge_1
To learn more about this FINE, and I mean FI-YONNE man, please visit http://aldis-hodge.com/




The Eyes have it:


Aldis Hodge in Underground
Work it, Aldis. I could stare into his searing, big brown eyes all day, everyday.


Aldis was just a widdle kid when he played Raymond in Die Hard With a Vengeance. Yes, this pic is Aldis, not his equally handsome brother (also an actor), Edwin Hodge



Young Aldis
Aldis Hodge as Raymond in Die Hard with a Vengeance  – Twentieth Century Fox


Aldis plays the violin (for real). I wonder if he likes older women? 🙂





Mahesh Jadu . . . Mahesh Jadu . . . Mahesh Jadu . . . 




Actor and Composer Mahesh Jadu
Actor and Composer Mahesh Jadu



Mahesh was in I, Frankenstein.  He made quite an entrance. I know the females in my household woke up when he appeared on screen HELLO. What a beautiful man.















He’s also starring in Marco-Polo, on Netflix.





Remy Hii:


He plays Prince Jingim on Marco Polo.

There are no words for how good-looking he is.

I think NetFlix isn’t doing this show justice. It should be marketed more, and the diverse cast is wonderful. Some of my favorites are on there like Joan Chen, Rick Yune, Benedict Wong . . . and another fine hunk from Tonga, named Uli Latukefu


Remi Hii
Remi Hii



Remi in character, as Prince Jingim



Just keep looking, and he’ll look back at you







Kendrick Sampson:


Vampire Diaries foolishly killed him off, but thankfully How to Get Away with Murder cast him in the role of Caleb Hapstall.


Kendrick in charge


Kendrick Sampson
Actor Kendrick Sampson



Upcoming ebook:


New Takeshi and Nyesha promo2



Nyesha practicing shibari 1 text included


Takeshi bound2




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