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    I remember spotting Terence Howard, Oscar Isaacs and Idris Elba early in their careers, and having a strong sense that all three possessed star quality.

    Here are four more potential stars imho, who’ve got the talent, looks, and charisma to succeed in the entertainment business:

    Aldis Hodge:


    Aldis Hodge_1
    To learn more about this FINE, and I mean FI-YONNE man, please visit http://aldis-hodge.com/




    The Eyes have it:


    Aldis Hodge in Underground
    Work it, Aldis. I could stare into his searing, big brown eyes all day, everyday.


    Aldis was just a widdle kid when he played Raymond in Die Hard With a Vengeance. Yes, this pic is Aldis, not his equally handsome brother (also an actor), Edwin Hodge



    Young Aldis
    Aldis Hodge as Raymond in Die Hard with a Vengeance  – Twentieth Century Fox


    Aldis plays the violin (for real). I wonder if he likes older women? 🙂





    Mahesh Jadu . . . Mahesh Jadu . . . Mahesh Jadu . . . 




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    Woman on top

    Nyesha Adu is nobody’s victim.

    Over the years she’s left a trail of broken hearts and emptied bank accounts, but Takeshi Nishikowa is different. Sweetly earnest and fiercely protective of her, for the first time in Nyesha’s life she just might be ready to stick around for a while. That is, until secrets from her past threaten their growing love affair, forcing Takeshi to return to a life he’d left behind.


    Nyesha edited_watermarked
    Nyesha Adu relaxes in the home of the latest man she’s conned, Takeshi Nishikowa.




    Man bound and on his knees with logo1
    Pictured: Takeshi Nishikowa, from the erotic thriller SENSEI





    Nyesha wore a black trench coat that was clinched at the waist. With her hands in her pockets, she did a bouncy walk toward him. “You’ve been following me.”


    “You’re not a very good liar.”

    It was true. Her stare caused Takeshi to drop his head, unable to meet her eyes. “Yes,” he blurted.

    “See? Now doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth?”

    “Yes . . . and no.” Takeshi nodded vigorously as he answered, because he hadn’t been truthful. “No, I am ashamed.”

    “Why? It’s kind of a turn on for me.”



    Another Sensei promo edited
    Takeshi and Nyesha, from the soon to be released erotic romance SENSEI


    Surprised, his head jerked up. “I-I thought you would be angry.”

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    The Love Below

    What I’m listening to: The Way You Move by OutKast


    New books are on the way! So excited about plot lines and new characters. I’m working hard on getting new ebooks out this month in the scifi, IR romance and New Adult genres.



    IR couple – Edited stock photo (two photos edited into one) Click the photo for more romantic IR couples




    IR affection - edited stock photo


    I’ve previously mentioned how hard I’ve been working on realistic covers (taking two different stock photos and merging them so that it appears as if the photo was shot in one sitting). The cover below is a result of some additional creative editing, because I wanted her eyes to meet his.

    Im dedicated to creating realistic looking covers that show the passion and love between IR characters. Sometimes the book plot doesn’t warrant that type of cover, but when it does, readers will be able to see my unique creations featuring a woman of color as the primary love interest right up front. I also believe in portraying the variety of beautiful skin tones among minority women.


    Little League rivalry blossoms into love over the years, in an upcoming New Adult romance. Pictured: IR couple Micki and Zack