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    Adults Only

    I think I’ll stake out some space on this site for uncut love scenes. Until then, here’s another excerpt from SENSEI, a AMBW erotic romance that will be out shortly:


    Pictured: Takeshi and Nyesha, from the IR erotic ebook SENSEI




    His wide eyed, attentive gaze followed the path of the nylon rope circling his waist. She’d advised him to look in the overhead mirror if he wanted to view her work from behind, so that’s what Takeshi did, welcoming her presence as she stood there, fussing with a loop at the small of his back, bringing up robe ends of equal length between his legs, then dividing them into opposite directions at his crotch.

    The silence was broken by Nyesha’s hurried explanation. “Since this is your first time I won’t bind your elbows or your hands. I want you to feel comfortable. And safe.

    He gave her a grateful nod. Though she was all business, each time her knuckles and finger tips brushed against him, his arousal grew.

    With a single strand of rope pulling along his rectum, the friction was exquisite, causing Takeshi to rock on his bare heels. Nyesha continued to tell herself she was doing this for his benefit, not hers. She was the rigger and he was the bottom, and his needs came before anything else. But his clinching butt cheeks didn’t go unnoticed. So she paused, asking if she should continue, taking the time to compose herself. He nodded, eyes now squeezed shut, focused solely on her nearness and the way she breathed steady and sure, barely exhaling. Truly, he craved her warm breath as it caressed his skin.


    Takeshi and Nyesha


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    My own private movie studio

    I’ve been splitting my time between writing, filming and working a 9-5. Because I’m super critical and downright obsessive about what I shoot and how it looks, I’m trying to add to my skill set regarding cinematography and audio production with additional classes on independent filmmaking.  I realize none of this could have been possible without the readers who bought my ebooks, so again, I must give a great big grateful thank you!



    Test GIF for Reinventing Lisa



    I’ve got new books coming out shortly, so please look out for them!


    Pictured: Lisa and Seth from Reinventing Lisa








    Seth and Lisa inlove watermarked
    Seth and Lisa, from the IR ebook Reinventing Lisa
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    Sister Act

    Sparrow Sanchez is the younger sister of Sly Sanchez, the MMA fighter who is the lead in the novel The Takedown. Sparrow gets her own love story in the ebook TSAI

    Sparrow promo1A
    Sparrow Sanchez, from the IR ebook TSAI




    beautiful and bald
    Dark ‘N Lovely – My trio of beautiful, short haired heroines: NIM, from the scifi ebook Nomad’s Land, Aaliyah (Sunni Muslim and Somali Bantu) from the IR biker romance RUSH, and Sparrow, from TSAI



    Cover Reveal: The soldier and his sweetheart




    More promos for Maddox, the lead male from the biker romance RUSH: Ride or Die

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    Promo of Maddox FX