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Computer Love

I’m working on an interactive book tree for my novels and their genres:



Book tree2A smaller size
WSC books genre tree – a work in progress



WSC interactive book tree – not the final version



AIS - Artificial Intelligent Sexiness
AIS – Artificial Intelligent Sexiness



man with AI eyes copy




Another excerpt from THE EMISSARY:


“I need your permission to examine you. I’m curious . . . you know, about just how accurate your maker was, in uh . . . in-”

The bot saved her from further embarrassment by brightly offering himself. “Certainly, Yeoman Gossett.”

He actually stuck his crotch in her face. The thing had no shame or fear. He was bigger than most, and so was his floppy, human looking dick.

“May I?” she asked. “Touch it-”

“Of course, Yeoman Gossett.”

The veins along his penis were microscopic wires, tiny pin pricks of light that ferried information from the base to the tip. It was cool to the touch, but the longer she held it, the artificial flesh got warmer.

“Do you feel anything? I mean, can you tell I’m holding you?”


She began to stroke him. “How about this? Can you tell the difference in my palm and my fingers touching you?”

“Yes. I am equipped with sensors and data on how humans-” He began blinking rapidly, fighting to finish his sentence, his voice rising with each word. “Now you are . . . squeezing my testicles.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to know if your programmer added that.” Whoever had equipped this bot had really done his homework. Just like the erogenous zones on a living, breathing man, the droid twitched and jerked and shuddered whenever she caressed a hot spot.

But unlike a man, he wouldn’t get tired and he’d stay hard as long as his ‘services’ were needed.

~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~

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