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Book Updates

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day and linking more excerpts.

If you’d like to read about an African American female who proudly proclaims her bisexuality, then please pick up the erotic romance novella IVY LEAGUE  this April May.


Kenya Paul is a sexy, confident bisexual woman. She’s also in an emotional love triangle with the very conservative big man on campus Brandon Wingate, and left winger Morgan “Mo” Garrity, in the ebook IVY LEAGUE



Want to read an exciting, erotic space adventure featuring a black woman as the lead character?
Then the fast paced The Emissary may be the scifi novella for you:


The Emissary - resized
A routine space mission goes very wrong for a lab tech. Now she’s lost in space, matching wits with a madman and an alien, in the scifi romance The Emissary


The Emissary Promo2
Aeronaut Shyah Gossett




Edited young woman and robot copy1
Ha ha. I couldn’t resist.


No final four of mine would be complete without an Asian male and black female pairing, so get a SNEAK PEEK of Sensei, a contemporary erotic thriller.






Fight night is coming:


The Takedown with MMAXtreme logo_small copy with watermark
Killian Feliciano’s UFC win over the reigning welterweight MMA Extreme champion shocked the world. Now he’s in another battle to win the heart of fellow fighter Sly Sanchez. Click to read the first chapter.



I’m releasing novellas as I work on finishing up my longer reads for publication (The Queen of Comedy, for example). I’m not a fast writer. I re-read my books obsessively for plot holes, grammar, sentence structure, typos, stereotypical BS that somehow made it in that I didn’t catch . . . the whole nine yards. I’m even more obsessive over my sequels. 

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