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    I Luv Nate Diaz

    There, I said it. My family already knows and they’re fine with it, because they love Nate and Nick Diaz too.

    Nate Diaz_MMA fighter
    Nate Diaz photo



    That’s why I took a little bit of Nate’s “I don’t give a fuck, just gimme my check” personality for the lead male in this upcoming novella:


    The Takedown with MMAXtreme logo_small copy with watermark
    His win shocked the fight world. Her love rocked his.


    The TAKEDOWN – the rocky romance of two MMA fighters who come up against an opponent neither one of them are prepared for.


    The Takedowns Killian and Sly in bed copy
    Bantamweight fighter Sly Sanchez falls for welterweight Killian Roy Feliciano.


    The Takedown is a book that features several other characters from ebooks I’ve written, like Derek and Nicole from The Stone Boy, Ethan and Torii from At Last, among others. I’ll have a free extended excerpt up on Amazon as my March Madness final four.

    I’ve got a number of other books that I’d readying for release, so I’m not able to blog as often as I’d like until I get these other stories published that are much longer reads.


    Excerpt from The Takedown:

    Didn’t I blow your mind this time . . . 


    Sly kept playing with my hand. “Why’d you start calling yourself ‘The Bastard?’ ”

    “I didn’t chose it. It’s what I’ve been called ever since I was a kid.” I changed my voice to imitate Jelly’s. “Killian, you little fookin’ bastard.”

    “Oh, so if you say it, then it can’t hurt you, huh? So you’ve turned the tables and made it into a badge of honor.” That was the thing about Sly. She was wise beyond her years, especially when she added, “But that’s a shitty label to stick on a kid. If you don’t mind I’m not gonna call you that.”

    “You might end up using it,” I mumbled, refusing to meet her eyes.

    “Not unless you’re planning on doing something to make me call you that. Is that what you’re saying?

    “I’ve been told the name suits me.”

    “So you’ve decided to live up to it? Or, excuse me, are you’re gonna live down to acting like a bastard?”

    I rubbed at my temples. This conversation was starting to give me a headache. “Are we gonna fuck again or not?” After her sharp intake of breath I expected to hear a ton of profanity directed my way. Instead she just stared at me real hard, and I mean really hard. I blinked first. “Ay, you know I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”

    “I think you already know my answer.”

    “Aw come on, Sly.”

    No, you come on. I thought you were ready for me, but you’re not.” She slipped out of bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress with her back to me. All it did was give me a real good look at her fine brown apple bottom. “It’s cool though,” she sniffed, as if last night never happened. “I won’t go storming off like some little bitch. I’m gonna use your bathroom and then I’ll take a taxi home.”

    “What if I don’t want you to go?”

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    Kick ass women & the men who love them

    Why should guys have all the fun? Especially since women can be powerful and sexy. And tough. And tender. And go all out for what we want.


    Sly Sanchez_MMA fighter 2 FX promo1 copy
    Meet Sly Sanchez, bantamweight fighter (middle). “Prince” Ranier Hollis (far left) Flyweight.  Derek Keane (right) welterweight.



    Hispanic MMA female fighter 2nd edit FX copy1
    Sly Sanchez, MMA fighter


    As the saying goes, A picture is worth a thousand words:

    Free Willy copy
    Free Willy
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    March Madness is back!

    It’s that time of year again. I call it March Madness, which loosely coincides with the college hoops March Madness.

    For a set amount of days I’ll have a selection of my Sneak Peek excerpts listed for free on Amazon.com (including new ones). I use these excerpts for promotional purposes. My Elite Eight starts on March 20th.



    Pictured: Comedienne Honi Hawkins, upper left. Her nephew, stand up comic David Latimore (center) from the ebook The Queen of Comedy



    A couple more edited photos for my WSC Romance Image Gallery

    Couple in bed making love FX copy1


    Edited stock photo, changed to show IR couple.



    I’ll have another excerpt from TQOC posted shortly.

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    Dark & Lovely

    What I’m up to: Finishing a number of books for release.

    The edited stock photos below originally featured white couples. I’m going to post these now newly made IR couples to my WSC Romance Image Gallery


    Another IR couple from my romance image gallery. I really like how this one turned out, so I may use it for a cover. This is a low resolution copy.



    Closeup of young lovers 2nd with FX_watermarked
    IR lovers



    Couple making love_IR copy
    IR kiss



    Large photo of lovers with text and edit copy
    I may use this one for a book cover, because it turned out better than expected.



    QOC prormo_2 resized

    More to come . . .