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Dancing like no one’s watching

What I’m watching: HBO’s The Latin Explosion: a New America

I hope they include Celia Cruz. I was so happy to see José Feliciano’s segment. Many people know Feliciano’s hit Feliz Navidad, but his rendition of the star spangled banner was groundbreaking, and years before Marvin Gaye’s souful version. 

Yes! they just showed vintage Celia!! Cuban born Celia Cruz is a Salsa legend. I hope someone does a big screen bio on her. 

Celia Cruz immortalized on a US stamp
Celia Cruz, immortalized on a US stamp



This is an excellent documentary. It was good to see footage of artists I still enjoy listening to.


I’ve got a few ebooks that I’ve kept under the radar, since I love creating unique story lines. So if you enjoy reading books featuring diverse characters who navigate through challenging life stories, then you may want to check them out.

The next romantic release from Wikkid.Sexy.Cool books highlights that age old debate. Can love co-exist with a burning drive to succeed?


Le Jong Hui is a charismatic ballet superstar. Imani Fairchild is his love interest, in the interracial romance HUI


This is why I enjoy digital editing, because I can manipulate stock photos to create covers and promos that feature minorities.


Low resolution color version of HUI promo, featuring Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild


Le Jong Hui is ripped. Oh hell yeah. And he’s good in bed




“Oh, Imani, you’ve got company,” Julio sang, just before knocking on her bedroom door and getting the okay to enter.

Imani was on the verge of asking “Who is it?” when a familiar face peeked over Julio’s shoulder. Hui thanked Julio, who was bold enough to turn around and tell him, “Hey now, I told you to wait in the front room-”

“Thank you, thank you,” Hui kept saying, but Julio wouldn’t budge. Whenever Hui tried stepping around him, Julio blocked his way.

“Julio, it’s okay,” she finally said.

“Well alright then. Y’all have a good time.” He backed out of the room, closing the door slowly while giving Imani a comical face. “Adios.”

Once they were alone Imani acted as if it was totally normal that she was covered from forehead to chin with a frothy green beauty mask. “It’s an avocado peel. S’posed to clear my pores,” she told him. “It’s not really dry yet.”

“May I sit?” Hui asked.

All Imani’s previous bold talk just that. Talk. “Sure.” The huge 50 inch TV in her small room looked completely out of place, competing with a bed for space. After pushing it back with her foot, Imani scooted over so that Hui could sit down. He sat on her bed as if he had a seat in a very uncomfortable chair. After a few moments of silence, Imani piped up with, “So how did you find out where I live?”

“Victor told me.”

Her brows rose in surprise. “Victor volunteered my address?”


“Did he say anything else?”

“He said – he said if your tears tonight were for me, I will have to answer to him. Then he said I should never again touch a black man’s hat.”


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Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild, from the interracial romance set in the world of ballet, HUI


I’m not finished with this post, as I plan to compile all the excerpts from Hui and put the links under the book excerpt page.


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