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I’ve been writing a number of novellas that feature Asian and African American leads, so its time for an easier way to find them on this site. The side bar will have the ebooks I offer in this interracial romance category.


WSC Category
A new category that features interracial couples of African and Asian heritage will be prominent on this site



Also, I can’t thank readers enough for buying the ebook At Last.


At Last Promo watermarked
Sexy 40-something businesswoman falls for her paraplegic downstairs neighbor.



I’ve got additional novels that feature leading men with disabilities, plus Torii and Ethan will be back in a follow up to their story. Read a brief excerpt from one of my upcoming books!


The ebook HEAVEN
The NA ebook HEAVEN features a female inmate who trains a service dog that is paired with a wounded Marine. 2011 Quarterfinalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards



Coming soon:




Unspoken ebook cover
Trayvon Wilfredo Lima is a hearing impaired teen who finds love in the NA ebook UNSPOKEN




A traumatic brain injury leaves Iraq vet Damon Salas unable to express his thoughts to the woman he loves. He finds a unique way to talk to her, but can he save her from an abusive ex?




The Sweetest Taboo
Activist falls for blind Syrian refugee




My spoon is poised near his mouth. “Here it comes, so open wide!”

“You stole my line,” he frowns, making me crack up because I’m remembering our first night together. Those long lashes of his flutter downward, and his secret smile tells me that he’s thinking about that night too. “Am I gonna like this surprise?”

“I think so. You said you wanted to know what foods I enjoy, and this is one of my favorites.”

Elias perks up at that. “Ah, something hot and spicy.” In anticipation he sniffs the air. Not smelling anything, he resorts to giving me a sad face. “It’s nothing you took out of the oven, so it must be leftovers. Either that, or its some sort of cold dish.”

I swear, the man’s senses are uncanny. “Just open up,” I whisper. “I think you’ll like this.”

Snuggling in deeper between the juncture of my thighs, he makes this declaration, “If I don’t I’ll pretend I do.”


“This offer is only for you. It expires at 12 midnight, or if I end up in the ER after trying whatever you’re offering.”

“Stop making me laugh! Hush now, and get ready.” I slide the spoon into his mouth, watching as his lips close over it. His face brightens in recognition.

“Vanilla. You like vanilla ice cream.”

“Correction. I love vanilla ice cream.”

“And I love chocolate,” Elias says. “So we’re made for each other.”

God, how much I want to believe that. I’m so ready to fall in love. I’m so ready for him to be THE ONE. I’m falling backwards as he pins my shoulders to the kitchen island. His hands cup my breasts and he squeezes gently, as if he’s measuring their weight and size. My body responds by arching upwards. I’m already wet for him, and I’m so willing to go wherever he wants to take me.


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