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Oh Hell Naw, no fade to black here



Either one of the men below could be the face that launched a thousand ebooks. But finding a stock photo featuring a smoldering hot Asian male either means paying GETTY images an astronomical amount, or searching through stock image sites (which is what I’ve been doing) to find just the right model.


Asian man in bed
I wish I knew the name of this man or the photographer info. Also, how come I can’t find any stock images with Asian males like this fine as hell guy? I wonder if this is a pic of an Asian movie star?




Where are the stock photos with models like this man? I found his pic on pin interest at www.missdeelauren/hot-boys-hot-boys/ but there was no name or info on the pic




Here’s a naughty bit from my soon to released ebook HUI:

Hui and Imani couple in bed2 with text copy
Interracial lovers Imani and Hui, from the ebook HUI, set in the world of ballet



When I edit and put together my book covers, I want readers to know right off that the book deals with an interracial couple. I’m not one for ambiguity. I’ve found a system that works for my purposes, but every digital editor is different.

Sometimes I can find models in just the right romantic pose, other times I have to manipulate the image several times. If you’re new to this site, please take a moment to visit the WSC Romance Image Gallery for more pics of interracial lovers.




interracial lovers2 with FX
Interracial couple – edited photo low resolution. The original pic portrayed two white models




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