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    Oh Hell Naw, no fade to black here



    Either one of the men below could be the face that launched a thousand ebooks. But finding a stock photo featuring a smoldering hot Asian male either means paying GETTY images an astronomical amount, or searching through stock image sites (which is what I’ve been doing) to find just the right model.


    Asian man in bed
    I wish I knew the name of this man or the photographer info. Also, how come I can’t find any stock images with Asian males like this fine as hell guy? I wonder if this is a pic of an Asian movie star?




    Where are the stock photos with models like this man? I found his pic on pin interest at www.missdeelauren/hot-boys-hot-boys/ but there was no name or info on the pic




    Here’s a naughty bit from my soon to released ebook HUI:

    Hui and Imani couple in bed2 with text copy
    Interracial lovers Imani and Hui, from the ebook HUI, set in the world of ballet



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    If U can write a book, U can write a screenplay

    I’ll say that again. If you’re an author and you’ve written a book, you can write a screenplay, or a script.

    The skill set isn’t completely the same, but if you’re willing to put in the work and learn what it takes, then there’s no reason that one or more of your novels can’t be turned into a script.

    Instead of setting up a whole new site I’m going to split this one into two. One will be for the books I write, the other will be a page that branches off with copies of popular screenplays to give budding screenwriters examples to draw from (the scripts will not be housed on my site. For instance, the screenplay for Beasts of the Southern Wild can be found here:

    Direct link to PDF: http://screenplayexplorer.com/wp-content/scripts/BOTSW.pdf


    Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 1.50.54 PM
    2013 Best Picture nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild featuring the youngest nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Quvenzhané Wallis


    In addition, I’ll put up movie stills and film excerpts from my journey into independent filmmaking. It’s important that readers understand that I was already into filmmaking before I started writing and releasing books.

    But my ebooks were/are instrumental in acquiring the funds I needed for digital film equipment.

    I’ll also share my research on outlets to show independent productions. It’s best to start small and build an audience, and my first post will be on the variety of outlets now available to submit your work.

    Congrats to Taraji P. Henson and Director/producer Lee Daniels for Taraji’s Emmy nomination in the role of  Cookie Lyon:


    EMPIRE promo
    Taraji P. Henson, looking fierce and fabulous in a promo pic for the upcoming season of EMPIRE


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    A HUI excerpt and Serena is GOAT

    First, Serena Jameka Williams is GOAT.

    Check out JK Rowling’s comeback on twitter to someone who tried to rain on Serena’s parade:

    JK Rowling comback to Serena hater


    Serena’s WEARING that dress!! Look at those curves!

    That Wimbledon women’s final had everything. High drama, an  emotional roller coaster for both players. There were thrilling rallies and at times, brilliant shots. Yes, both players had a case of the yips. But it was the Wimbledon final, so I expected that. Garbine Muguruza is a rising star in tennis. I’ve been watching her progress, and her talent is undeniable.


    A few more promos I’d worked on for my fictitious ballet sex symbol, Le Jong Hui:


    Hui side profile promo copy
    Ballerino Le Jong Hui



    Hui as the Albrecht from GISELLE
    Hui as Albrecht from the classical ballet GISELLE



    Hui leaping1
    Le Jong Hui in flight




    One more excerpt before the book comes out:

    If Hui wanted to impress her with this place he’d succeeded.  From the time they stopped in front of a building with a wrought iron entrance and made their way to a top floor condo ─ a place that Hui said someone had graciously offered the use of ─  Imani’s eyes bulged at the décor and design.

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    Congratulations Miss Copeland!

    Misty Copeland is now a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater:


    Principal Dancer for the ABT Misty Copeland
    Principal Dancer for the ABT Misty Copeland




    “Even as her promotion was celebrated by her many fans, it raised all-too-familiar questions about why African-American dancers, particularly women, remain so underrepresented at top ballet companies in the 21st century, despite the work of pioneering black dancers who broke racial barriers in the past. And it showed how media and communications have changed in dance, with Ms. Copeland deftly using modern tools — an online ad she made for Under Armour has been viewed more than 8 million times — to spread her fame far beyond traditional dance circles, drawing new audiences to ballet.”


    Misty Copeland is Promoted to Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theater

    Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/01/arts/dance/misty-copeland-is-promoted-to-principal-dancer-at-american-ballet-theater.html?_r=1



    It took individuals both within and outside of ballet to publicly support Misty Copeland for this to happen, imho.


    And let me also add: IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.   For more ballet trailblazers of color, please see this post: http://wikkidsexycool.com/2015/02/11/dance-trailblazers/



    So, as I ready HUI for release, an ebook that features a fictional African American ballerina going for the Holy Grail like Miss Copeland, please take note that  at this moment, Misty is the one and only. That’s right. For whatever reason, Miss Copeland is the only black woman in the role of principal dancer in a major US ballet company.



    Imani Fairchild, from the ebook HUI, an interracial romance set in the world of ballet



    Imani in shadow1 copy
    Ballet dancer Imani Sojourner Fairchild, from the interracial romance set in the world of ballet titled HUI



    Imani in the lead role of Sleeping_Beauty_Royal_Ballet_2008 copy
    Reaching her dream. Imani triumphs in the lead role of Sleeping Beauty Edited photo of Imani in the lead role of Sleeping_Beauty_Royal_Ballet_2008 copy



    Book Excerpt:

    Outside of Meredith’s office a number of dance students lingered in the hallway, waiting for their classes to begin. Some used the walls to support their weight as they stretched. Others utilized the comfort of the crowded floor. Making her way among the maze of human parts, Imani was almost mowed down by a younger group of students bursting out of one of the classrooms. Their excited chatter and giggles reminded her of the tiny dance academy she’d once attended. It was encouraging to see the diversity of the group and their excitement at seeing her.

    “That’s Imani,” she heard one little girl whisper to the others as if Imani was on the cusp of greatness.  “She’s so beautiful! I wanted to come here after I saw her perform at my grammar school,” the same little girl said, apparently not realizing how far her voice carried.