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    HUI news and character/cover updates

    I’d decided to hold off releasing HUI because there were some things I wanted to work on, for example the deep cultural belief of Han and Jeong. I did a lot of research for this book, but I’m mindful that the love story has to progress without being bogged down. Still, there are some things that are vital to the Korean culture that can’t be glossed over.

    I only hope I’ve struck enough of a balance for you, the reader.


    Imani in position small copy
    Imani Fairchild, African American ballerina from the interracial romance HUI



    Le Jong Hui loves Imani Fairchild, in the interrcial romance set in the word of ballet, HUI



    I also decided to change the cover for the New Adult book TWENTY before 20. Here’s the new cover:


    Cover change for the New Adult novel TWENTY before 20. Pictured: Ryan and Sienna


    I made another change, this time with the character of Genysis from the scifi ebook Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies, so the character on the cover will also change:


    Genysis holding repurposed rifle
    The black futurist, GENYSIS. She’s a kick ass peace officer trapped in 1880s London.



    Genysis holding repurposed hand cannon glow added copy



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    Witches Brew

    In order to write about African Americans in the 1800s (especially witches) I’m doing a lot of research. And as always, I need visual representations in order to mold the characters:


    Pagan, an African American witch
    Pagan, a Gothic African American witch




    Characters from Long Ago and Far Away
    Characters from Long Ago and Far Away as their mid-1800 counterparts




    Witches Brew watermarked copy
    Lilith, Pagan and Ondine in the 1800s



    Long Ago and Far Away ebook cover watermarked


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    Little Big Men and Honoring the Past

    Little Big Men:

    Little Big Men copy
    Little Big Men about town: Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress



    Justin Ybarra and Suri copy copy
    Justin and Su Su, two characters of  African American and Burmese heritage who fall in love.


    I’m jumping back into the NA genre with a duology about a small town and the jocks at the center of a suspense filled love story.


     Honoring the Past:


    Reflection of Mariah copy watermarked
    Mariah Hawthorne sees a ghostly reflection in the erotic fantasy Long Ago and Far Away



    Victorian Era Mariah2 final version
    Mariah Hawthorne, circa 1880



    Original Photo of a black woman during the Victorian period:


    Victorian Era woman1
    Victorian Era African American woman



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    Sweet Fantasy and cover reveals

    Listening to: Sade’s Kiss of Life and Mariah Carey’s Sweet Fantasy. I loved the movie BELLE




    So I used the film as inspiration for a Gothic erotic romance that spans several time periods.   Excerpts from Ivy League and the dark fantasy Long Ago and Far Away will be up shortly.


    Ivy League new promo pic copy5A


    I really enjoy creating ebook covers by pairing interracial couples together.  I’ve got a number of new excerpts to put up,  but here are a few new things I’m working on. I’m still deciding whether to make certain books serials (release a few chapters at a time on Amazon) or complete novels.


    Long Ago and Far Away ebook cover watermarked
    A sweet, dark fantasy featuring African American witches, a reincarnation gone wrong and an enduring, timeless love



    Long Ago and Far Away Promo2 low res




    Lilith - When she's bad, she's very, very good.
    Lilith – When she’s bad, she’s very, very good.
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    Shall We Dance? And Wikkid Witches

    My sincere apologies for the week long silence. HUI should be out any day now for those readers wondering when Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild’s tale will be told.



    HUI – an interracial romance set in the world of ballet



    Wikkid Witches

    I’ve written a couple of books that feature teen witches (Damalia from RAZHER, Malia Toussaint from Boys ‘n Love and Magic). So once another story came to be, I figured it would be the perfect vehicle to introduce a trio of sexy, adult African American witches who reside in the present time period.


    Lilith1 small copy
    Lilith, a very old skol but glamorous living African American witch



    Pagan, A Gothic witch
    Pagan, A Gothic witch who longs for the good old days
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    Waiting in the Wings

    Like Imani, a ballet dancer who waited for her chance to shine in the novel HUI, I’ve got a number of other novels in both the adult genre and new adult genre that I’m currently editing in order to release.

    One of my earliest novels dealt with females – specifically a fictional group of gritty women on a navy vessel with interconnecting story lines. I’m going to put up an excerpt shortly. Right now I’m focused on getting HUI ready for release.


    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover
    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover






    Andre in Beast mode with watermark






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    The Final Four plus one!

    My March Madness picks, plus one. Each novel is now .99 cents, and also available on Kindle Unlimited.



    My Final Four plus one
    My Final Four plus one



    All my novels, whether YA, NA or Adult contain romance.


    HEAVEN: A service dog transforms the lives of the teen inmate who trains her and the wounded marine who becomes her owner.

    RUSH: Outlaw Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Bantu refugee.

    The Stone Boy: A girl witnesses the end of her parents marriage while beginning a tumultuous affair with a troubled boy

    JUKEBOX volume one: Mid-west teens form an interracial singing duo in their small, still segregated town.

    RAZHER:  She wolf avoids an arranged marriage with the help of a Russian vampire and Chinese gargoyle.

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    Imani and Hui are coming!!

    Now on sale (on Amazon.com):


    Torii and Ethan from At Last. Harlow and Kyle from The Player



    Click the promo to be redirected to The Player on Amazon or click here to be redirected:  http://amzn.com/B00VEEJ00W


    The link for At Last can be found here: http://amzn.com/B00TVTOXM2



    Imani and Hui are up  next:

    Imani and Hui as partners copy warmth added copy
    Ballerina Imani Fairchild and her partner in dance and life, Le Jong Hui. The ebook HUI is an erotic romance set in the world of ballet



    Imani hugging Hui small copy



    Nu Hui promo1 copy
    Same promo pic, except I added a bit more color to their skin tones.