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Love is a Battlefield

So these are the last excerpts before the ebook THE PLAYER is released, and I thought I’d start with the scene where Harlow puts on her old costume from Carnival. I decided to do a quick edit in order to keep it clean enough to put on this site (I’d rather not use an 18 and over rating):


Harlow in dancing costume plus Kyle on bed copy low resolution
Harlow and Kyle from the ebook THE PLAYER. Click the photo to read how their love story began, in an extended excerpt.




“Do you still have your outfit?”

“It’s around here somewhere. I don’t know why I kept it. There was a time I really could’ve used the money if I’d sold it. I guess it brings back memories, because winning that contest was one of the high points of my life.”

“I wish I could’ve seen you back then.” He was sprawled on her bed with one of his long legs cocked up while the other was diagonal, his heel along the mattress edge. The way his legs were divided gave her a clear view of what lay heavy and thick between his thighs . . .

After what  seemed like an eternity of getting hollered at because he kept trying to peek, she told him to open his eyes.

And what he saw, it was . . . it was beyond words. She was beyond words.

There were green feathers, diamonds – at least he thought they were diamonds – they could’ve been that other stuff women wear to make outfits like that sparkle. Whatever the hell they were, the little buggers really popped in just the right places. Her headdress was adorned with feathers and silvery, shiny little beads also. Fuck. Why couldn’t he recall what those things were? All he knew was what stood before him, dressed like the women in the comic books he liked to read as a kid, her body curvy and soft and spilling out of a very skimpy superhero outfit like it was painted on. God, she was beautiful. So gorgeous, that his dick reacted in a salute.

“Would you like to see how I danced?” Harlow’s voice was practically a purr.

Kyle licked his lips in anticipation. “Oh yes, I’d like that very much.”

Gyrating her hips to a beat only she could hear, Harlow started out slow and sensuous. With her behind undulating and her middle rolling, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She had him hypnotized, that’s how charismatic her performance was. Rhinestones. That’s what they were called. He was so caught up that he didn’t even realize he’d been stroking himself.

While the effect of jostling feathers stuck to what looked like a rhinestoned bikini bottom was the stuff of wet dreams, he was missing most of the action back there. He needed to see her delicious and oh so delectable apple bottom. “Take off the bottom,” he commanded.

His suggestion couldn’t have come at a better time. The bottom of her costume was tight as hell, giving her an unbearable wedgie. A few of her rhinestones had popped off and were lining the floor. But that’s what she got for trying to squeeze a thirty-five year old booty into an outfit she’d worn in her twenties. ©



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One more excerpt:

He was surprised to see Darren mixing it up with a rookie on defense during a line of scrimmage drill.

“Know your position muthafucka!” Darren bellowed, his helmet off and sweat filled braids sticking to his face. “That’s all you’ve got to do! You’ve got all that swagger and mouth, but you’re not producing on the field.”

The rookie made the mistake of answering Darren back only to get his helmet damn near jammed into his jaw, as Darren grabbed the kid’s face guard and flung the first year player to the ground. “Look at you now. Don’t feel so good does it? I thought so. See how you like it when somebody grabs your helmet and twists your head like it screws off. Get the fundamentals first, boy. You can’t make up for it by doing dirty hits.”

Both Kyle and the defensive coordinator did their best to separate the offensive from the defense. No sooner had they separated Darren and the rookie when another fight started between Virgil Fordham and a second year man.

“WTF is going on?!” Kyle yelled over the threats of violence as defensive players sided with their own and the offensive did the same. “If we’re fighting each other then we’ll never win on the field. Save your aggression for the real thing on Sunday!”

“The defense been holding it down, baby. Each and every game,” JJ Stoles spouted, mad at what he perceived as a dig on the defense from his quarterback.

“Wait, what did you just say to me?” Kyle asked, his blue eyes brimming with anger. “After giving up over three hundred yards in the last game and allowing the Cardinals in the end zone four times?”

JJ refused to back down. “The offense runs three downs and you’re out, and that was just about every quarter. It wasn’t until the last minutes of the game that y’all scored a couple of touch downs.”

“So what you sayin’?” Darren was right at Kyle’s side. “We need to stop trying to win ‘cause the game’s almost over? Shit, we play four quarters, not three and a half.”

“Yeah, but the offensive wasn’t putting enough points on the board,” JJ grumbled, looking directly at Kyle. “So something’s not clicking.”

Kyle didn’t need to hear the actual words spoken. They’d lost confidence in him. Their franchise player, and their team leader.©



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