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Wheelchair Sex

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“Wheelchair sex?”

It was a simple enough request. He wanted to know A) Had she ever done it that way before, and B) Whether it was a good place to start so that she knew what their love life would consist of.

“I’m guessing that’s a ‘no’ by your response,” he said, which was fine, cos he liked the idea of introducing her to it.


Torii gives Ethan the side eye copy resized



Torii and Ethan in the kitchen 5A



Just to show him that she was down for anything, she asked, “So what do I have to do? Sit on your lap? Which way do you want me, facing you or from the back?”

Either way was appealing. So tempting, it made his voice come out deeper and harsher than usual, desire coloring it with a raspy growl that a bluesman singing in a smoky little joint would approve of. “Take off your clothes first. I want you to strip for me. It’s either that or I’ll rip them off you, and I thought you said you really liked that top. So if you ever want to wear that outfit again-”

“I-I do.” Damn. She also had on Spanx up the wazoo underneath. Once she stepped out of that bad boy everything looking sleek and in place would just be . . . hanging. Oh fuck it. Too late to back out now.



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