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The title is a play on the word “typo” an affliction that has plagued me in each novel I write and edit. Still, I love it when a plot and characters come together, and whenever I can infuse personality into an angst filled lead. For example, HUI:


Hui does Michael copy
Hui transforms into the King of Pop




Hui and Imani in jeans copy with glow added
Friends share a laugh. Only, what’s his hand doing under her jeans? Oh HUI, you naughty boy!


  • juno

    The closer it gets to release date for “Hui” the more excited I get. What I love about your work is that you take your time in getting it right. You don’t push out a product and insult your audience intelligence. I like that the characters are unique. There are not at many Asian and Black interracial couples. I also love the graphics you created for characters on the web.

    • wikkidsexycool

      Hi Juno,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad I decided to wait, because I know so much more about ballet and also the history of North Korea and South Korea. I owe it to readers (such as yourself) to limit typos and to verify that sentence structure and also info in the book is as accurate as humanly possible.

      I can say I’m more pleased with how it turned out since I decided to re-check facts and do another edit, on top of all the others.

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