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A Woman is a Weapon

That’s my tagline, and the very first sentence of my epic, Scifi multi-cultural romance QUEENSREALM.

QUEENSREALM - the war between man and woman  was inevitable.
In QUEENSREALM,  the war between man and woman is inevitable.


Once I started with a powerful opening sentence, a major stumbling block was the prose that followed, which had to be just as riveting. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in doing just that. I began writing this book a few years ago, left it alone, then came back to it.

While the novel is done, I need to release RUSH before I send out the full ebook of QUEENSREALM. My tentative release date is May 15th (I say tentative, due to the demands of my 9 to 5).  Marketing for this book will be much different for me, since the genre will include African American fiction, scifi and urban fantasy.

I’ve woven published modern scientific theories into the story and current goings on so that the premise isn’t so far fetched. And its also because I do love actual science.

But it’s also a futuristic look at the military, and a bleak, dystopian tale. And there’s no fade to black sex scenes. Not even with the aliens. To read the first chapter, please click on the photo.

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