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The Queen of Comedy, a tale of Black Hollywood

I wanted to do something special for African American history month, so I think I’ll release The Queen of Comedy. While there is romance in the book, there’s also a lot of history. It’s an epic, generational tale that spans the 1920s until the present day.

I’ve posted a five chapter excerpt of The Queen of Comedy and I’m going to have a free download this week on Amazon with fifteen chapters (this book is long). It’s more for those who enjoy fictional history, especially the history of African Americans who were stars and were wealthy during a time period that had barriers, both visible and invisible. In addition, there’s the rivalry between family members when one becomes a bigger star than the other.

It’s an exploration of family dynamics, and how black women were viewed during that era, especially those who were highly independent.



Brilliant comic. Flawed woman. One legendary career.

Most people recognize the face, if not the name. That apple cheeked, rich brown face with the inviting smile that adorns baking products worldwide. Older movie goers fondly recall her role as the friendly, wise cracking maid in over one hundred films. But to her family and spurned lovers, the tongue of Honi Hawkins was brutally uncompromising and anything but funny, as she strived to become THE QUEEN OF COMEDY. ©



The Queen of Comedy takes center stage




The Queen of Comedy is the saga of a family of entertainers seeking fame and fortune during segregation.









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