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    BLACK is the new black

    Oh how I love the look of black and white photos. I even love old black and white movies.

    Here’s a GIF I created that (hopefully) shows what’s so special and rich about black and white pics:




    Here’s the finished ad (minus the dissolve):


    Another GIF I created (link is now active):


    The male photos are on the book covers I’ve created:


    You Give Good Love. Bodyguards to bickering teen stars fall for each other.


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    MEN and their GIFs

    I’m busy editing and working on promotional GIFS for a number of ebooks, like RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles, RUSH, Gaijin and the upcoming serial The Men of Hilton Hall.


    More GIFs will be up shortly!

    Over at RED, I’m experimenting with a new photo gallery plugin, in order to show more multicultural books from various authors on the site. I think I’ll go with multiple sliding galleries, because that way more books can be highlighted.

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    Seeing RED

    After I put up the post EACH ONE, REACH ONE I decided there was more I needed to do, besides putting links in the sidebar of this site.

    So on this day remembering Martin Luther King Jr, I’m setting up a new site, one that I hope will become a one stop shop if a reader (or author) wants to peruse books with protagonists of color in all genres. The books won’t be sold on the site, but there will be links directing buyers and others to the websites where an author’s work can be purchased. I’m working on the new site now, on another browser. If you’d like to take a peek at what I’ve got so far, the site is


    This is how I’m trying to set it up (columns, video set up, featured books slider)




    Right now I mainly have place holders up. My hope is simply to become an asset for those without advertising budgets, or those new to self publishing, or those who aren’t listed on the front page of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Maybe I can compile a decent database of authors and their novels. And I’ll have GIFs and book trailers up there also.

    I’d also like to promote sites that review multicultural works, and those that interview authors of color. Hopefully, the site will be fully functional by February 🙂

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    The Tools of Seduction

    With February coming up, each week next month I plan on posting a romantic excerpt from both my published and soon to be published novels. The sidebar title will be “The Tools of Seduction” where the main characters have a romantic encounter when the opportunity arises:

     Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Bantu refugee, in the ebook RUSH








    Aiden’s RUSH excerpt:

    He pulled onto my street, knowing those kids would hear the music and chase after his truck like he was the Pied Piper of ice cream. Dude was really a prick, ‘cause he always used our dead end to turn around, and each time he never stopped. But not today.

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    Each one, Reach One

    I’m new at all this, and since I work fulltime as well as write, sometimes I don’t get out as much as I’d like, to check out what’s been going on in the world of writing and publishing, and how others are making a difference. But I wanted to note the double duty many African American writers have opted for (reviewing and writing, or reviewing and interviewing) and also to post sites that review multicultural or interracial romance.

    Author Theodora Taylor is a writer/reviewer. Her site is here, and I’ll also list it in my sidebar:

    http://irbookreviews.com/ Theodora Taylor


    Author Kish Knight is a writer/reviewer.
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    Equal Opportunity Appreciation

    First, here’s the link to a three chapter excerpt from the upcoming ebook  RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles excerpt


    I love men, I cannot lie. I find them fascinating, at times infuriating and oh so SEXY. So while I’ve got ebooks pairing African American heroines with white males, rest assured that I haven’t forgotten men of color. There are more ebooks coming out with male protags of Asian, African, African American, Hispanic and First Nations heritage. I’m also starting a series based on five males who share a dorm (suite) in college, but I think it will be in serial form, and housed on this site for the first few chapters.

    My goal is to tie in characters from other books who pop up every now and then. I’m also still editing away, because a writer’s work is never done, especially if you write and edit your own books (like I do). I’m also working on promos so that I lessen the eye strain of editing text only, and here’s a peek at a few of them: