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Download December!


It’s Download December, where readers can get early access to some of the new books coming out from

Starting this week, multiple chapter excerpts will be available to download on Amazon. The excerpts will be in a variety of genres, from scifi, military, suspense, new adult and commercial fiction (with a romance and diverse characters at the core of each story)



A motorcycle gang protecting their territory

Refugees attempting to revitalize a run-down area

A deranged man determined to keep his loved ones imprisoned

It all begins and ends in a RUSH






The Queen of Comedy



Brilliant comic. Flawed woman. One legendary career.

Most people recognize the face, if not the name. That apple cheeked, rich brown face with the inviting smile that adorns baking products worldwide. Older movie goers fondly recall her role as the friendly, wise cracking maid in over one hundred films. But to her family and spurned lovers, the tongue of Honi Hawkins was brutally uncompromising and anything but funny, as she strived to become THE QUEEN OF COMEDY. ©



Meet the Bonnie and Clyde of the Underworld, Razher and Mac


Razher promo small copy



A sneak peek of their sequel will be paired with an excerpt from Boys ‘N Love and Magic, which features the Haitian American witchling Malia Toussaint:



Boys ‘N Love and Magic


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