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Race and Romance

I’ve decided to write a few blogs posts regarding Race and Romance, to be housed in another section of this site. I hope to put up the first post this Saturday, since I’m using the long weekend off from work to hunker down and get more stories finished.

A few novellas I’ve created covers for that I’m currently working on are below, and they feature a number of older characters. I think all these models are stunningly beautiful women and I’m committed to the creation of works that feature diversity, but also making certain my covers represent not just African American women, but women of color from around the globe who are far too often under-represented in romance:

Valerius Rex, a sword and sandals tale set during the Fourth Crusade



Meh, I wasn’t feeling the whole headless body thing on the first cover for The Player.


The Player, first cover




I think my reservation stems from how people of color are either ambiguous or absent on far too many covers, so the original cover for this made the guy feel and look too impersonal to me. My daughter liked the hard body, headless look but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it. After much reflection I’m going with this cover instead, especially since this story is about two strong willed people in their thirties who both know what they want out of life and love.



The Player. This thirty something heroine is from Trinidad.



Make Me Yours. Somali Bantu scholar falls for American divorcee




Love and Baseball.  Canadian First Nations teen falls for Barbados beauty




Drawn To You. Website designer/artist tries to win over his high school crush.





Sequel to The Stone Boy, The Stone Hero takes place over five years later





Game. Set. Love. Doubles partners fall for each other.


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