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Cover Reveals and a snippet from Razher II

I love creating covers and promos. I learned Photoshop (my daughter was so patient with me 🙂 ) but I also work with Paint.net. The covers serve as both ads for upcoming releases, and to showcase the beauty and variety among of women of color.

The Player



Sequel to The Stone Boy, The Stone Hero takes place over five years later



The Stone Hero is the sequel to The Stone Boy. All the characters from The Stone Boy are back, and it gives me a chance to introduce a deaf Afro-Cuban teen named Trayvon Wilfredo Lima who has his own book:

Unspoken ebook cover



Now, here’s a scene from Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles:


Levi was busy in the kitchen when he heard it. By the time he made it into the living room the Harpy had unfurled her stone wings, knocking out the Wolvyn fighting to restrain her. At least they’d be unconscious, unlike the others crawling on the floor, whimpering like puppies who hadn’t been weaned yet. The shriek of a Harpy was second only to the blood curdling death screech of a Fury, and if he didn’t act fast she’d end up calling upon other Harpies, or even worse, a hell hath no fury like a Fury. Levi couldn’t help marveling at Adora’s chilling beauty. With a coloring somewhere between deep copper and sun baked clay, she was like a moving sculpture, her lovely face twisted in ferocity, with upturned eyes that were twin beacons of bubble gum pink as she slowly rose off the floor, suspending herself in mid-air.

Levi shifted into the only being he could think of to combat her . . .  “Oh great one,” he groveled, bending on one knee, hoping to appease. “I bow to your magnificence.”

Adora cocked her head twice to the left and then stiffly to the right. Well, this was certainly a new approach. At least this shifter knew royalty when he saw it, so maybe she wouldn’t kill him so quickly.


End of Excerpt

Gargoyle Fight!

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