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    Why Scifi?


    Because there aren’t enough books with minority protagonists as leads or who are  integral to a story.

    Scifi novels that WCS will have on sale shortly:


    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies



    I hope to have this sampler out as a free download on Wednesday:


    1st WSC Scifi Sampler, featuring Second earth ruled by women, and Sir Leonidas Sinclair, the man of many centuries




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    Two Queens and a Knight



    Finishing up more editing on Queensrealm and The Queen of Comedy.  It’s the battle of the sexes (Queensrealm) vs. A war of words between comedic relatives (TQOC). I’m debating whether to release OFFWORLD next, but first I have to get familiar with Amazon’s categories and key words for scifi, urban fantasy and scifi romance.

    The Queen of Comedy takes center stage



    The Queen of Comedy


    New Queensrealm ebook cover copy



    More ebook covers:

    New Adult scifi HAZE mock up cover
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    Stick a fork in it, because its done


    The Stone Boy is done. Well, as done as I can make it with so many edits that I’ve developed eye strain. And because I didn’t meet my self imposed deadline, I’ve added several thousand more words to the book.


    Promo for The Stone Boy



    The Stone Boy (this is the small sample, Sneak peek)



    I’m checking to make sure the formatting hasn’t magically shifted from my last inspection. After that, I’m gonna push the button and hopefully, it will be up before midnight tonight.

    Another excerpt from the book: