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Get a Sneak Peek at an epic Urban Fantasy romance

Download a free eight chapter excerpt from Confessions of a Shapeshifter this Saturday Sunday, August 10th August 11th and Monday, August 12th.


Confessions of a Shapeshifter ebook cover



A Victorian Era Vampire and a newly turned Werewolf search for the kidnapped Djinn they both love, in Confessions of a Shapeshifter



From the excerpt:

Devastatingly handsome, sexy as hell. A chick magnet, and he was hanging out at her restaurant. Thank you God.  But he was scowling at her when he spoke. “Where were you yesterday?”

She wanted to say Excuse me? That’s none of your damn business. But she didn’t. That kind of courage wasn’t in her. Plus she needed this job. So she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders, pulling out her waitress pad to take his order.

He’d seen the flash of hurt in her eyes when he questioned her, so Julian’s tone was softer this time. “I was worried about you, so I made inquiries. They said you took the day off. Is everything well at home?”

“Um hum.”

What kind of answer was that? Julian sat upright, a huffy expression now on his face. He toyed with the eating ware that had been placed on the table. It was stainless steel, not the pure silver he was used to.

“Not to your liking M’lord?” she asked, smiling even broader at his pained expression.

Her god awful cockney accent, even in jest produced a deeper frown this time. “Aria, really, you must learn-” he began, as if about to give a student a stern lecture. He stopped in mid-sentence, realizing he was doing it again. Sounding too authoritarian. He shifted in his chair and his voice dropped to a whisper. “I’ll…I’ll just have coffee please. Espresso.”

Okay. Cool. She could work with that. Except…  “Don’t you ever get hungry? I mean, you sit here all day but you never order any food.”

“Would you like me to?”


“If that would please you, I’ll order anything on the menu,” he said.

Please her? Now why would he want to please her? A blush crept on her face. It was quite becoming in his eyes. He smiled just then, and her heart did a double take. Damn, but he was hot.

He pushed the menu towards her. “You order for me.”

“That’s the kiddie menu.”

“Oh.” His shoulders stiffened and old porky was back.

“I was joking,” she laughed.

He started laughing too. “Arianna…Cheri”

Her blood went cold. She backed up, almost stumbling in the process. The color left her face and he rose, thinking she was about to faint.

“Why’d you call me that?” she whispered.

“Arianna…Cheri…that’s how I’ve always addressed you-”

“Stop it! Stop doin’ this to me! If you want my husband, I’ll help you get him. Hell, I want him gone. But don’t, just don’t play with me. Not like this. Just don’t-”

The way he moved towards her was unearthly fast. Speed of light type fast. He had her in his arms, soothing her, stroking her hair. The other patrons and waitresses stared, their mouths open in surprise. He produced another handkerchief, but before she used it she looked at the initials. Damn it if they didn’t say JAL. That just made her cry harder.

“Stop looking at us!” he growled at the customers. There was a deadly menace in his tone, his voice octaves deep, resonating in his chest, the sound waves bouncing into hers. Heads quickly bowed and turned away. Her friend Debbie nodded approvingly as Julian walked her away from the outdoor tables and around the corner of the restaurant.

She’d never been this close to another man besides her husband, and when she pressed against Julian’s chest, the smell of him, the strength of his arms enveloping her made her woozy. He was looking at her expectantly, warily, like he was scared she was mad at him.

“What do you want from me?” she asked, leaning against the wall to put some space between the two of them.

His hands were on each side of the wall, closing her in. “Aria”

“Don’t. Please don’t say it like that”

“Like what Cheri?”

“Like you know me. Like we’ve slept together or something,” she mumbled, dropping her gaze in embarrassment.

“But we have-”

She let out a gasp. Her eyes widened, searching his face for the truth. His stare never wavered. “I-I don’t remember things too good…” she stuttered, lowering her eyes again. “Maybe we were…you seem to know so much about me-”

“We were more than lovers. We are married by the laws of my kind and yours. And we will be together again-”

She placed her hand on his chest to stop him from leaning closer to her mouth. It sent a shock of electricity through both of them. His eyes went soft. Hers went wider as she shook her head in disbelief. She’d felt something. It was achingly strong and overpowered her inhibitions. Cue the sad violins.

He was about to kiss her. And she was weak enough to let him.




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