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    Paying it Forward

    So, I tried to think of what I could do to help out other new authors, and I’ve decided to pay it forward with a review, because that’s something most authors want. Feedback from readers. I’ve already picked out the first book, and I’m reading it now. But not just one book, I’ve decided to concentrate on indie authors from a variety of genres. I may (or may not) list the reviews here, but in any event, I hope to help someone else’s career get running 🙂

    Next week I’m going to put up more excerpts!

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    Woohoo! Thank you!! Thanks to you all!

    Doing the happy dance because of this:

    Heaven scores a top ten ranking! (Chart position at the time of this post. Amazon rankings change by the hour).
    HEAVEN ebook cover



    Okay, I know some readers may be thinking “what’s the big deal?”

    Well, I’m chronicling the highs and lows of the behind the scenes with this book, and hopefully my experience can help anyone else who may want to self-publish. And since I don’t know how long this is gonna last, I plan on enjoying it while I can. Just to put things into perspective, I have to take the dog out and mow my lawn now 🙂


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    Thank HEAVEN! NA ebook now available on Amazon

    HEAVEN, the love story of a teen inmate, a wounded Marine and the service dog they both adore is available for purchase (ebook, Kindle) at Amazon here


    HEAVEN ebook cover



    I hope to get the book trailer up soon, and also post a favorite scene from the novel here. Again, many thanks to all those who read the excerpt and decided to purchase the ebook. This story made the Quarterfinals of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2011


    A favorite scene that takes place in the prison. Josh is visiting Nevaeh:

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    Thanks to all of you for reading the excerpt of HEAVEN!


    The ebook will be available later today.


    As the writer (and co-writer on some of the YA ebooks) and also co-publisher, when something doesn’t read quite right, or a missed typo gets spotted, a joint decision is made whether or not to halt publication. We decided (my daughter and I) to do another edit before releasing the full ebook of HEAVEN this weekend.

    Sneak Peek promo ebook of HEAVEN. PTSD, physically challenged hero


    My sincere apologies, because sales of the 11 chapter excerpt have been steadily rising, and we are thrilled. Thank you all so much!


    HEAVEN excerpt sales data (Amazon sales rankings change each hour, screen grab taken just before this post was published)





    The full ebook of Heaven will be out this weekend, and we truly hope the love story between Heaven and Josh, and their bond with Myst, will become a fan favorite.


    Pencil sketch of HEAVEN book cover
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    Not Your Average Contemporary Heroes

    HEAVEN will be up this week, although I may have to change the date again, this time to the 18th  the 19th.

    I got a creative burst just before publishing it, so I decided to pull the ebook and include the new info. My marketing/promo for the full novel will be an eleven chapter, two day free download.

    Free Eleven chapter download  starts tomorrow on Amazon!

    Before I Let go ebook cover. Damon Salas, Traumatic brain injury, Dominican/Puerto-Rican hero.


    Unspoken ebook cover. Trayvon Wilfredo-Lima, deaf Afro-Cuban teen hero
    Sneak Peek promo ebook of HEAVEN. Josh Duval, PTSD, physically challenged hero


















    And yes, I changed the first name of my Afro-Cuban character in honor of Trayvon Martin.