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A Steampunk Hero

This is Leonidas “Leo” Sinclair, and here’s a mock-up of the ebook he’s featured in:


Steampunk hero Leonidas “Leo” Sinclair


Since Monday is a holiday, I’ll get a chance to upload the excerpts for several other books, such as OFF WORLDThe Queen of Comedy, Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies and perhaps one more that my daughter and I are editing the complete ebooks for.

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Pictured: from left to right: Kadek No’am, Janhoy 1st Class. Upper right: The Child King, Tydaris Ridae, Cura Regis Divine. Lower right: Leonidas Sinclair, Man of Many Centuries


Credits for Steampunk model with braids: wardrobe and styling: Kit Stolen.



Steampunk model with leather mouth piece: Famke Backx, photographer

Goggled hat Steampunk model: inhauscreative photography


Here’s an article that goes into Steampunk and race:


And here’s a link to a very cool site:

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