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Is the Historical Romance genre in trouble?


There’s an interesting discussion going on at Dear Author, regarding the woeful state of the  Historical Romance genre. Here’s the link:


Regencies appear to be the only historical romances major publishers are promoting.

But only a handful of authors are able to profit doing Regencies, so where does that leave authors who wish to write of the past, but not in the Regency time period?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that. All I know is I’m readying a couple of books that are definitely historicals, but not so much historical romance, though loving couples are part of the storyline. One is GAIJIN. The other is an era spanning epic called The Queen of Comedy, which tells the tale of a legendary female comedian during the 1930s and 40s, and her less than successful nephew who played a hip, wisecracking manservant on TV during the 1960s.


Gaijin – A Colored Maiden’s Voyage and Recollections of Japan in the 1860s







The Queen of Comedy takes center stage




JUKEBOX Volume One is a YA Historical, set during the 1960s.


It tells the story of the first male/female interracial pop singing duo during a racially turbulent time in America. It also delves into what it would be like for a teen idol who was gay during the 60s, and a young black female who’s against being “the first black person to do anything.”

She’s a reluctant  rights activist, yet that’s what she ultimately ends up, saddled with the weight of representing her race once she becomes a star. However, the story couldn’t just focus on race relations, so Simone Westwood’s crush on her singing partner, and the affection she winds up having for his conflicted younger brother is a major part of the tale.





Jukebox promo with music notes watermarked

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