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On A Mission

A big reason why I like self-pubbing is because I get to create my own covers and promotional materials. The cover below is a work in progress, because I’m experimenting with just how much of this YA scifi hero should remain be visible. Now that I look at it, I’m thinking about having the letter Z get pulled down by his fingers, so I’ll probably end up editing this today. As I think that letter should look more like vapors. So his fingers will get more clarity.


Mock up of a new scifi hero, part of the Millenials Series


Mock up number 2:


Haze scifi novel mock up 2



This is part of a bigger push in my own books, to focus on minority males, specifically African, African American and Asian as leading males.

It’s time to push for more leading males of color in publishing



Hero coming through



Iron Mike with Trinny




Immortal Beloved




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