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First Look: Queensrealm, a scifi fantasy adventure

“The tyranny of man must be defeated by the treachery of woman”




A woman is a weapon.

Her hair shall be braided or long flowing, not only as an enticement for males, but to use as a noose for strangulation and thick enough to conceal poisonous thorns. She should possess a soft, willing mouth to coerce a kiss, while housing an object sharpened to inflict the utmost pain. Breasts can and must cradle a dagger, fingernails need fortification with metal tips dipped in white toad venom.


The only tears that dare flow are those of elation at our victories, verily, for females to rule Second Earth unchallenged, remember this doctrine well my sisters; the tyranny of man must be defeated by the treachery of woman.


Read an excerpt from this scifi-fantasy novel here

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