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    JUKEBOX Volume Two change

    I’ve made a change to the cover of JUKEBOX Volume II:


    JUKEBOX Volume II


    This was the previous cover:


    JUKEBOX Volume II (Old version)



    Since the covers depict the primary characters (Eli, upper left, Simone upper right, Johnny in the middle) during the 70s, the new cover makes Johnny a bit more prominent.

    JUKEBOX Volume II

    With the 60’s coming to a close, Simone Westwood Burr is a nineteen year old superstar dubbed the “Siren of Soul” with her funky, cutting edge music. Now married to the ultimate bad boy of Southern Rock, she tries to juggle a career and being a new mother,

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    The unlikeable lead character -I Luv ’em!


    Love Stories 3



    Danni Ahmed from UNBROKEN could best be described as bat shit crazy when the reader first gets a look at her:

    The stench of alcohol invaded his nostrils even before he saw the girl, the screen door blasting open with such force it almost swung back and clipped her.

    He was out of his chair with a bobble head nod in greeting, holding the glass in his hand. “G-good afternoon Ma’am.”

    “Oh just shut the fuck up.”


    It goes downhill from there for Alex Campos, in a role reversal where he’s the hot new guy trying to land the girl.  But Danni’s used to guys like Alex, suckups who want to play for her father. Her dad’s considered the kingmaker where they live, a high school coach who’s sent more of his players to the pros than any other. Why he’s not coaching at the college level is anyone’s guess, but most people would probably say it’s because of his wayward daughter. UNBROKEN is a contemporary romance featuring a strong willed young woman who refuses to kowtow to anyone, even an iron willed father and the boys who’ve fallen under her spell.



    By comparison, tough as nails Layla Reeves from DRAWN TO YOU/JUST THE WAY YOU ARE has a new body and a new attitude, only so called friends want to keep her down. Before her weight loss she was the girl they could call at the last minute to babysit, or the one who had their back in a fight. Now that she’s no longer the chubby funny girl, people say she’s different. But the truth is, they never really knew her:

    “Promise you won’t look. I want this to be a surprise.” His voice returned to the soft tenor she remembered from high school.

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    Graduating to New Adult and pushing buttons

    Writing YA and even Middle Grade is a constant challenge for me. So when I saw New Adult gaining steam, I jumped at the chance to create novellas that feature an older protagonist, but combined romance, race and topical issues.

    Here’s a sneak peek at two that should be ready by February:



    Inseparable ebook cover. New Adult Novella



    It was just supposed to be a fun night out. But when Nadia’s initially refused entry into the city’s hottest club, the experience becomes her worst nightmare. And when the handsome guy who intercedes is none other than the club owner’s kid brother, little does she know that her ranting tweets detailing how she was unfairly treated will divide a city, and also help her find out whether love really does conquer all. ©








    He’s the hope of a small town football team determined to reach the state finals. And she’s the girl he’s been warned about.

    For Alex Campos, becoming the starting quarterback of the Newcastle Coyotes means a second chance. So he’s not about to blow it by falling for the coach’s daughter. But Danni Ahmed’s not a girl who takes no for an answer, especially when their connection is so strong. And not after enduring the town’s obsession with football, until it nearly destroyed her. That’s why she’s determined not to let the same thing happen to the boy she loves. ©


    Excerpts will be up the first week of February!