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Immortal Beloved


Raquel Santos is a palliative care nurse and she’s Dominican. Hypnos AKA Hype is . . . well, let’s just say he’s otherwordly, as in Greek Mythology, the stuff of dreams. But he’s also still living with his parents and fighting with his brother Death. When there’s a mix-up regarding the hound from Hades, Cerberbus, and the big beast lands in Raquel’s care, she  renames the canine “Sweetie” and has him working as a therapy dog at the hospice where she’s employed. Raquel won’t return the dog when Hype comes to collect him . . . and well, that’s all I’m revealing for now.  Because in the paranormal novella Immortal Beloved, the mythological deities of ancient Greece walk among us as movie superstars, egocentric cosmetic mavens and seducers of the unwary, like Raquel.

There will also be excerpts from A Song for You, Confessions of a Shapeshifter, The Queen of Comedy, and Make me Yours up shortly.




A Song for You

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