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The WikKid SeXy Cool Book sampler

I’ve been toying with this idea, a sort of “try it before you buy it” that consists of several opening chapters of heroines from both the paranormal and contemporary novels that are almost ready. I say “almost” because the job of finding typos and making sure scenes flow smoothly is never ending. Just when you think you’ve got them all, you realize typos are your kryptonite (well, at least I do. I can’t speak for other writers). And sure, I’ve caught typos as well as seriously WTH mistakes in some major novels from the big publishing houses, but since I’m also an avid reader, things like that can pull you right out of the story. I also noticed that the “Look Inside” feature shows several chapters of JUKEBOX in italics, however the file was not sent that way. I’ve been in contact with Amazon regarding fixing this, and now all I can do is wait. 

Hooray! I got an email today (June 11th) from amazon. They’ve corrected the Look inside! portion of the novel.

But with so many ebooks now on the market, trying to stand out from the crowd will be tough. I’ll be calling on a few twitter friends to help market the novels.  For the sampler I plan on having five chapters from these novels:


HEAVEN – Incarcerated teen and wounded marine bond over the therapy dog they both love.


Heaven book cover


The Queen of Comedy – A comic recalls his competitive relationship with his more famous aunt (adult historical romance)

RAZHER – After fleeing an arranged marriage, a female she-wolf teams with a Russian vampire, disrupting the criminal operations of both their species.

Bender – Katrina survivor begins his training as a lesser djinn under the tutelage of a powerful Genie. (middle grade)


I wanted to add this to the end of JUKEBOX Volume one, but that ebook has a word count of over 88,000. So the sampler can also servce as a marketing tool.

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